Just remember that if you practice hate & negativity & wish others to suffer, that makes you no better than the things you oppose. I have made my share of jokes & dark humor but when it comes down to it, I don't mean it in a serious way. You can dislike someone & also have the
Decency to wish them mercy. I will never like, respect or have less contempt for the person Trump happens to be but wishing him literal suffering or death would make me no better than that which I oppose & find so repulsive. Flotus has a minor child who needs her, remember that.
Having the ability to show empathy & well wishes, even for those who may not deserve it is what makes the difference between a good person & bad person. I've had to check my first reaction to this news myself. I'm not innocent but after some thought. I honestly don't wish a
Bad outcome for anyone involved. We are all human & all American before anything else. My wish is to vote him out at the ballot box as planned. The rest is up to fate or God if that's what you believe in. I was not raised to hate, the past 4yrs have brought out the worst in me.
But in my heart & in my moral core, I truly am not capable of practicing it. Not even on the most contemptible person I've ever known. There is already far too much venom in our society. I think i"ll just sit this one out and let the future play out on it's own. We all create our
Own karma, we all must also live the consequences of it. It'll just end this thread there.

Personal thoughts. From an unapologetic Democrat.
#TrumpCovid #FLOTUShasCovid
Hating each other is exactly what our enemies want to see. Don't give it to them. #StrongerTogether
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