Shocking. Watch at 26.20 @newsnight exposes 2005 review by Dr Taylor the Tavistock GIDS Medical Director which was not implemented. The BBC had to appeal to the Information Commissoner to force the NHS to disclose the info. >>>
Dr Taylor, former Medical Director called in 2005 for the Tavistock GID unit:
1) to follow up all its patients,
2) do more research
3) support staff if they came under pressure to refer to treatment they thought inappropriate >>>
Dr Taylor said all young people needed a period of explorative therapy before other treatment. At 33 mins, Dr Taylor notes that clinicians & parents must not set out to please or comply with patient & their families or patient organisations. Yes @Mermaids_Gender looking at you!>>
The GIDS service needed an idependent perspective. It "lost its compass" with higher demand, greater than the capacity to maintain thoughtful mental health care considering both biological & mental factors, changing societal attitudes & underfunded local mental health services>>>
Dr Taylor says the Cass Review will provide a public arena for discussion and debate on the issues in his 2005 report. >>>
The Tavistock say the Taylor Report is not relevant to the circumstances and issues faced today by the GIDS service. They say they work closely with CAMHS.
We know CAMHS are underfunded and there are delays for children and adolescents referred for all reasons.
Read @brunskellevans on @CQCProf a Stonewall champion choosing Stonewall & Mermaids advocate @drmbrady to announce their "independent" review of the Tavistock GIDS
via @lubelluledotcom on @SavageMindsMag

More evidence of institutional capture.
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