😳”It's outrageous. They're wiping all of the software,’ @MarilynRMarks1 tells [ @TheBradBlog] & installing ‘new software that's just been written, has not been tested, & has not been certified by the Elections Assistance Commission.’” gapol 1/ https://twitter.com/thebradblog/status/1311852598845034497
“‘As far as we know, it has not even been submitted for approval. This is federal certification, and Georgia, like most states, is not supposed to be using systems not certified by the federal government.’” 2/
"’They've written this over a weekend, and have not thoroughly tested it. There's been no user testing. The number of things that can go wrong will take up more time than your show permits,’she says.” 3/
"’They might as well have gone out and said, 'we're going to buy the Lucy and Ethel software, and put it in.’” - @MarilynRMarks1 4/
“While that is troubling enough, Marks also notes that the programming is not even being done by public state officials, but by private contractors at the Canadian-based firm from whom GA purchased the systems for more than $100 million for first time use this year.” 5/
“‘This election has been completely outsourced to Dominion Voting Systems. They are a third party profit-making corporation and, essentially, Georgia has just said, 'Take it and do with it as you will, Dominion!'” 6/
This situation is alarming similar to what Georgia election officials did with new voting equipment just b4 the 2002 election which resulted in several pivotal & unexpected Republican victories. I wrote about thee 02 election here. 7/ https://link.medium.com/kmw7D2xffab 
8/ If u live in Georgia, I recommend vote by mail, rather than in-person voting. But here are tips no matter what you decide.
9/ BTW, apologists for Georgia’s crap new system imply it’s all fine bc GA will “audit” one race-chosen by @GASecofState (R)—every 2 years. The new touchscreen voting machines (as opposed to the new scanners) can’t be audited reliably anyway. 😡
10/ . @CoalitionGoodGv is trying to get to the bottom of this new uncertified voting machine software. It has a pending suit asking that GA use #HandMarkedPaperBallots rather than its risky new touchscreens. You can support their work here. @MarilynRMarks1 https://coalitionforgoodgovernance.org/donate/ 
11/ Where are the Democrats?!!! @marceelias
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