I wish Hope Hicks a speedy recovery.

2. This is a code red moment for the U.S. government.
3. We don't know exactly where Hope Hicks contracted #COVID19 but her diagnosis sends the message that the @WhiteHouse won’t do what’s necessary to protect its own staff which logically furthers the narrative that they aren’t willing to do what it takes to protect us.
4. Second, there is an immediate operational impact on the functioning of our government.
5. I lived through H1N1 at the WH. @BarackObama (and his senior staff) advised all personnel to follow guidelines and to be as cautious as possible because he cared about our health and because he knew what an outbreak would mean for national security.
6. A pandemic in the west wing is a worst case scenario.

Immediately, critical resources will be diverted to mitigate any outbreak at the most senior levels of government.
7. Second, crisis mitigation will likely include quarantines. This means that key WH staff will not be able to fully perform their jobs, access classified servers, and more.

We won't have a fully functioning team on the field.
8. If WH personnel wore masks at work, the crisis mitigation efforts would be intense but less severe.
9. Social distancing is not possible at the WH absent extraordinary measures (I worked in a closet for 2 years arms distance from my closest colleague).
10. And, we know the WH didn’t engage in the most basic @CDCgov guidelines like wearing masks.

So the scope of potentially exposed personnel is much greater.
11. Trump's irresponsibility has put himself, his family, his staff, the functioning of our government, and millions of Americans at unnecessary risk.
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