Well if twitter says so! I'mma get all my politics out of the system now, so I don't 'alienate my followers' (lol) and can rest knowing that I did everything the twitter moral police asked me to do!

Here we go. [1]
Freedom of speech is paramount. No one should support any politician who would ban any kind of speech that isn't actively calling for physical violence against individuals or groups. [2]
Color blindness is the only way to prevent racism. Focusing on race is a surefire way to increase tensions. Disparaging white people is still racism. Not 'reverse racism'. Racism. Grievance studies definitions of racism are useless and counter-productive. [3]
Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. The poorest strata of society should receive guaranteed healthcare protection, should they so wish. Healthcare for the poor should be financed with taxes. [4]
Housing is a right, not a privilege. Providing the poor with housing will not only decrease poverty, but also help crime rates. Generally speaking, caring about the poorest strata in a society will help all of society, as crimes out of desperation will fall. [5]
Transgender women and men should be treated like the gender they aspire to be. Transgender people should not compete in sports events for their new gender if that would cause an unfair advantage over biological members of that gender. [6]
Communism is as bad as nazism. Whilst nazism has 'evil' written straight in their manifesto, communism doesn't. Humanity's lived experience with communism has shown that it leads to equally evil outcomes, and even if not, ALWAYS in authoritarian shitholes. [7]
It doesn't matter if homosexuality is a choice or a genetic trait. Sexualities that consist of two informed, consenting adults is always to be tolerated and accepted. Still, children should be taught that heterosexuality is the normal state of the human race. [8]
Humanism, Secularism and the Enlightenment as practised in the west has led to the west producing the most free societies on this planet. We do not need to be ashamed of the achievements of the west. Our morals and ethics are CURRENTLY superior to other systems. [9]
Western ethical systems have not always been superior to that of other cultures, and will likely not stay so forever. At some point in history, for example, Islamic cultures were more advanced and 'humane' than the west. This is not the case now. [10]
Individuals are only responsible for the actions of themselves. They are not responsible for the actions of any group they belong to, as far as they belong to those groups on the grounds of immutable characteristics. You should not pay for the sins of your fathers. [11]
A libertarian approach to governance should always be preferred in matters of culture and expression. An authoritarian approach is sometimes necessary in matters of social security, to guarantee a basic level of living standards for all. [12]
Atomic power is a safe and green source of energy. So is wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and biowaste energy. We should strive to abandon fossil fuels, if only for the reason that we will have to eventually anyway. [13]
Climate change is real and supported by facts. It doesn't actually matter whether we are causing it or not. All measures we would have to take to prevent a catastrophe are also measures that keep our planet clean. So we might just as well keep our planet clean. [14]
Communism and socialism (the real one, not social democracies) are a bigger threat to our societies than what is sloppily called white supremacy these days. There's a few thousand old school white racists around. There's a generation of young people flirting with communism. [15]
Capitalism is not a system of governance, it is a system of mercantile interactions. It is the system that brought the most prosperity to the planet of those that we tried, but it is not perfect. Unregulated capitalism leads to corporatism. Corporatism leads to oppression. [16]
Women Rights movements are overrated at this point in time. Women's Rights are paramount, but women fare better than men in almost any metric of success in 2020. Men need to catch up, as men are being left behind by government schemes and societal support. [17]
Discourse of the modern left and right has abandoned what the 2 wings should be standing for. The left is far removed from advocacy for poor strata. The right is far removed from advocacy for individualism. We're talking about cultural blips more than true societal problems. [18]
Centrism is not fence-sitting. Centrism is acknowledging that all sides of the political coin have political insight to offer. Relying ONLY one the insights of one ideology leads to blind spots in the efficacy of governing a nation. Pick & choose what WORKS from EVERYONE. [19]
Nation-states are necessary. Humanity has grown the size of its subdivisions over the course of its evolution, and will continue to do so. Yet, we're not ready for a global society at this point (YET!). Still, a global society doesn't mean giving up your cultural uniqueness. [20]
There, have your damn politics, twitter. Hope you're happy. Now, it's time to think about the beautiful kittens again that I'm about to adopt.

THaC, out.
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