🔞 commissioned by (the ever so patient) @nsfw_bun | taekook + joon | cg/l / non-sexual age play / daddy kink / neurodivergency | very soft, very domestic, very cosy 🐝🌿
It’s not as though N.mjoon is a total stranger to J.ngkook and yet the squabbling butterflies in J.ngkook’s belly suggest otherwise.

As his boyfriend T.ehyung’s best friend, Joon has been known to join them on their occasional lunch hour dates. But J.ngkook has never spent any
time with hyung during one of his ‘slips’, as Tae describes it. With that on his mind, his heart races as he boards the bus that will take him to his boyfriend’s apartment- to where he’ll be meeting N.mjoon all over again.

This time whilst he’s sunk down into his small

The idea J.ngkook has of what that might entail is rather vague, really.

What little he has come to understand he’s mostly picked up through text messages- ‘give me five, gotta run Joonie his bath’ or ‘F in the chat for my foot, stray lego brick took me down’. He has
managed to gather that sometimes, Joon needs a little extra help and that between them, they’ve decided that Tae should be the one to step in and offer that to him. Things like keeping a regular and predictable schedule, the twice-a-day brushing of teeth, bento box prep and
bedtime stories.

Taehyung had once stopped off in a stationary store while they were out and about because his stash of reward chart stickers needed a refill.)

‘I’ve uh… babysat for my little cousin before?,’ J.ngkook had offered up in an attempt at solidarity but even as
he’d said it he scrunched up his nose, sure that he was sounding silly comparing make-believe tea parties with three year old Haneul to time spent with a man in his mid-twenties, however vulnerable he might get.

He’d actually been taken by surprise when T.ehyung had nodded
agreeably and said, ‘honestly, not a million miles off!’.

With that conversation in mind, J.ngkook has a present for N.mjoon tucked into his Carharrt backpack, nestled between the bottle of wine and potted Jade plant he’d picked up for Tae.

He had been all sorts of hesitant as
he’d shuffled around the toy shelves in a Ssamzigil mall gift shop, his palms growing damp as he’d ‘umm’d and ‘ahh’d as to whether his idea was a good one or not. Going back and forth between a set of felt finger puppets, a jigsaw puzzle and well, nothing at all because the
notion was /weird/ and like, possibly overstepping unspoken boundaries.

Eventually, he’d given in to purchasing the set of wooden puzzles that looked to him to be very ‘Joon and Tae’; beech wood patterned in inky insects, their anatomies labelled in what J.ngkook half-
recognised as the scientific English.

The multitude of pieces looked fiddly but applying what he knew about his hyung’s persona to his small headspace counterpart, J.ngkook had decided that N.mjoon would likely revel in the challenge. He imagined him taking his time in putting
the puzzle back together /just so/, teaching himself the correct terms for the bugs and their bodies as he went.

(Besides, if Kook chickened out of giving to Joon-hyung when the time he came, he could always pass it on to his afore mentioned cousin, Haneul. His aunt was into
educational toys, wasn’t she?)

The thing is, J.ngkook is a big fan of the N.mjoon he /has/ already met; the impressively articulate and worldly-wise seeming N.mjoon. His boyfriend’s best friend since college, three years older than J.ngkook, a few inches taller and a good deal
wiser. His encyclopaedia of a hyung, likely to have his nose buried in a book whenever the three of them meet up at the coffee shop next door to J.ngkook’s gym. To ‘keep himself from imposing on J.ngkook and Tae’s time together’ he says.

J.ngkook is always anxious about make
a positive impression and it’s no different now, with the prospect of little N.mjoon looming closer with every turn the bus takes (despite how much trouble he’s had picturing who that /is/).

All of those many and varied facts, figures and theories Joon knows, that he can speak
about so fluently, does he retain that knowledge when he’s regressed? Will he have a picture book in-hand as they sit down for their meal?

And just how will J.ngkook feel about another man referring to his boyfriend as ‘Daddy’ even knowing full well that it is entirely
non-sexual? Not so much ‘harder Daddy!’ as ‘Daddy, will you tie my laces?’.

Back when T.ehyung had tentatively broached the topic with him for the first time, J.ngkook had done some web searches; turning to Naver while he was still riding his bus back across the city, his phone
tipped in towards his chest because he was paranoid about some rude member of the public reading over his shoulder. A clever move since apparently, for some participants, it was /kinky/- enough to make J.ngkook flush and squeak in his hurry to hit the back the button on his

But his Tae is /strictly/ a platonic caregiver; N.mjoon had hurried to assure him of him that as he stirred a spoon around and around (and around) in a tall latte glass, his eyes averted away from J.ngkook to the artwork decorating the coffee shop walls -
“I promise, I um. I have no feelings like /that/ towards Taehyung-ah, you need not worry.”

So, /that/’s not a fear but J.ngkook’s anxieties remain as he overthinks about how their evening as a trio might unfold.

Over at N.mjoon and T.ehyung’s shared apartment, Joon is struggling with similar levels of nervousness.

His home is his most safe place.

His space to experience things in the way which feels most for comfortable for him, even if it can appear somewhat out of the ordinary.
With all of his favourite activities to-hand- from his crafts and toys in their labelled tubs to his carefully curated sensory room.

Not to the mention the calm that comes with understanding the expectations Daddy has of him; how he ought to behave. So many of the messages his
brain receives beyond their four walls can leave him scrambling for purchase as he tries to figure out quite where he stands, but with Daddy he’s always on even ground.

The waiting on J.ngkook’s arrival has him feeling ‘in the middles’- drawing him towards that fuzzy precipice
between his usual adult self and his much smaller soul. Far enough that he has a fleecy blanket wrapped around his shoulders like a cape, Crab perched on his shoulder and the rubber teat of his green pacifier wiggling between his back molars, the squeak of it just about audible
above the hum of his favourite lo-fi beats that he has playing at a quiet volume from Daddy’s special bluetooth speaker. Whispers and vibrations that he soaks up from his bare toes as they bounce against the rug.
From his spot in front of the stovetop, T.ehyung keeps an ear out for any distress as he works on what he hopes will be a special meal- following a new recipe that will be kind to both his boyfriend’s sensitive nose and his little one’s textural preferences. If anything, as a
competent and health-conscious cook, he’s relishing the challenge.

He’s pretty excited generally! His first time dating since adding the caregiver element to this with N.mjoon has been running remarkably smoothly and he can only hope that their evening together cements that.
T.aehyung had been making sure to talk his little charge through J.ngkook’s visit since their breakfast of porridge that morning- reminding him of the time that Kook was due to arrive, the meal they’d be eating together, the likelihood that they’d spend some of the evening
watching a movie, or perhaps playing a board game (they’d come to a consensus on that once J.ngkook was there to give his input, too).

When he turns from the pot he has simmering, he finds his Joonie hovering in the kitchen door way. What a good boy he has, remembering that his
Daddy likes for him to keep a safe distance where flames and knives are concerned.

“If we watch movie maybe um, could-could be Toto-totoro?” He asks, his stuttered words muffled around his pacifier but easy enough for his caregiver to translate.

With a fond smile, T.ehyung
lowers the heat of the ring right down so that he can pad across to Joon and gather him into his arms, pressing a second-long kiss to his crown before answering-

“I don’t see why not- we’ll check with Kook, hey?”

N.mjoon very often declines physical affection and his Daddy
would never dream of pushing him into it but every now and again, Joon finds that a quick hug charges rather than drains his batteries.

Of course, T.ehyung can read the most minute changes in N.mjoon’s mood- he’s taught himself to- and he doesn’t miss the worry that’s settled
heavy on his boy’s sloping shoulders. He knows just how important, if not sacred, Joon’s little space is to him. Agreeing to reveal it to a fourth person, who he has known for an astonishingly short time in comparison to Tae, J.min and H.seok, isn’t without risks- what if the
reality of Joon’s lifestyle is just too bizarre for J.ngkook to accept?

But J.ngkook is so wonderfully kind. His heart is pure, which is why the personal trainer is such a good match for N.mjoon’s gentle hippy art teacher of a Daddy. If Daddy believes that J.ngkook meeting
little Joonie will be a success, then Joonie will follow Tae’s lead with as much (hopefully well-placed) optimism as his little self can muster and he’ll do so whilst wearing his prettiest, comfy clothes and one of his more discreet cloth pull-ups. To make the best impression.
The big boy clothes that J.ngkook usually sees him wearing are claustrophobia-inducing when he’s small and /everything/ feels amplified. Including sounds- such as the door bell that rings out like a siren when it shouts for their attention.

In the hallway beyond their upper floor apartment, J.ngkook is keyed right up; scrubbing at the back of his neck with his knuckles and gnawing at his lips as his breathing picks up its pace. He had rehearsed how he was going to greet T.ehyung and Joon but when the door swings
open and his boyfriend appears wearing his boxiest smile, and with his puppy dog eyes bright behind a sweep of his chestnut hair, J.ngkook finds himself only able to giggle into his quick ‘hello, you!’ of a kiss.

“Tae-hyung,” He sighs happily, “Wow, something smells delicious.
Is it kimchi fried rice, pork belly? I know you’re not the biggest drinker but I think the wine will be a good match-“

As he kicks off his chunky sneakers, J.ngkook is ushered past the threshold and into a world he’s been wondering about. Ever since he and Tae became ‘official’
he’s become terribly curious about his boyfriend’s more domestic side.

What he walks into makes so much sense.

Green, leafy plants sprawl across most of the surfaces and trail down from shelves and white walls are warmed through with an earth toned wealth of well-loved throw
blankets and slightly frayed rugs. Patterns and colours that J.ngkook has seen in Taehyung’s vintage shirt collection and in the tiny shard of amber that dangles from a hoop in his ear when he dresses to impress. Familiar, comfortable, bohemian- everything he’d hoped for.
That it’s so /lived in/ makes T.ehyung seem a touch more real and isn’t J.ngkook so lucky, to have been chosen by someone so incredible?

Over in one corner, there are two easels set up where the light is best, along with a stack of canvases and cluster of tiny assorted tables
dotted in chipped porcelain mugs that have long-handled brushes balanced in them and palettes stained with whole rainbows of flaking oil paint.

Of course, there are the hints of a second childhood scattered here and there too- a friendly plush propped up on the slightly tattered
Of course, there are the hints of a second childhood scattered here and there too- a friendly plush propped up on the slightly tattered rattan armchair, a collection of wooden blocks atop a plush play mat, a stack of colourful construction paper and a pot of wax crayons on the
coffee table beside an errant red lego brick.

J.ngkook doesn’t spot the owner of the lego right away.

N.joon’s presence is so entirely different to the man J.ngkook expects to be inhabiting his hyung’s five foot eleven frame. It’s as though his headspace has made him
physically shrink into the couch.

Having slid from ‘in the middles’ to ‘definitely quite small’ rather suddenly, N.mjoon had hurried from the kitchen to curl back up on the couch when his Daddy had gone to answer the door, folding his legs beneath himself and placing the
reassuring weight of a cushion in his lap.

Now, with J.ngkook drinking all of his secrets in as he scans over their cosy living room, he rather wishes that he still had his paci but he’d pushed it into his Daddy’s pocket, too shy to have J.ngkook see /that/ right away. Instead
he keeps his fingers busy as a distraction, letting them peek out from his bunched sweater sleeves to pluck at one of the tortoiseshell buttons decorating his comfort cushion. In his own pocket, Crab is a subtle but welcome presence.

It’s Tae who nudges them towards
their ‘introductions’, coming up behind his little one and trailing his fingers through N.mjoon’s fluffy hair as he murmurs, “Look who’s arrived, cub. How do we feel about a ‘hello’, hm?”

Even N.mjoon’s eyes are different when they finally edge up to meet J.ngkook’s; more round
and soft, they lack some of Joon’s usual keenness. It’s as though, J.ngkook thinks, someone has taken a photograph of his hyung with a smearing of Vaseline around the edge of the camera lens. His headspace, the innocence of it, has him all unfocused and aglow, a little brown bear
cub peering out from the shadows of his cave to squint against the sun.

‘/Tiny/‘ Kook thinks, ‘don’t spook him’.

“Hi, Ggukie,” N.mjoon mumbles obediently before latching onto the cuff of his sleeve, suckling at it and blinking his big cow eyes.

“Hi,” J,ngkook echoes, lifting
his hand in a little wiggly wave. He feels hyper-aware of his fingers as he does, of his whole body and how he doesn’t want to come across as intimidating at all.

His passion for fitness might mean that he’s become bulky with muscle mass but J.ngkook isn’t one to throw his
weight around. He’s definitely not one for displays of machismo; big as he is, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

He hopes that Joon recognises that.


For the first little while, N.mjoon doesn’t /quite/ join in but he’s certainly present.

Though he’s shy about speaking up to add
anything of his own to the conversation happening over and around him, he listens intently. Remaining curious to all that Tae and J.ngkook have to say as they catch up as though it’s been months rather than days since they last saw one another.

His eyes might /appear/ softer,
but they don’t miss much at all. N.mjoon is rather skilled at and revisits all sorts of details- it’s how he knows so much.

Thus, when J.ngkook fishes out the bottle of red and the Jade plant from his rather sizeable black backpack, N.mjoon can’t help but spot the corner of
the puzzle set he leaves poking up above the zipper. It has English writing on, N.mjoon notices. He can read and write /and/ speak English!

Even when he’s small and his brain isn’t as well ordered, he does a good job of remembering some key words and phrases. Most importantly,
he knows how to search up Western children’s shows on his Daddy’s ipad (and he doesn’t even need the subtitles on all of the time).

Joonie is rather proud of his grasp of English because it’s something that earns him praise. He also sort of wants to show off how skilled he is
at the putting together of puzzles. Not the thousand piece ones grown-up N.mjoon has stacked on the bottom shelf of the book case, but the selection of chunky wooden jigsaws in his nursery- the ones painted with pictures of maps of the world and all sorts of wildlife.

hidden by his sweater paws, N.mjoon’s palms itch with the urge to demonstrate his abilities to Daddy /and/ Ggukie and he finds himself edging further and further from T.ehyung’s side until he slides right off of the couch- a little clumsy as always, but thankfully unhurt. Their
many layered rugs make sure of that. Daddy is forever finding more at flea markets so N.mjoon’s knees are always kept safe.

Crouched on the floor beside J.ngkook’s backpack, he somehow forgets his manners altogether as he gives in the urge he to pull the puzzles from the bag
and inspect them more closely.

Though Joonie is a little explorer who loves making /discoveries/ (he even has a plastic magnifying glass and a special notebook in which he scribbles down the awesome things he observes on his adventures) It’s not at all like him to be so bold.
Really it isn’t, but J.ngkook and T.ehyung’s grown-up conversation has him entirely lost and so the distraction of the puzzles is all too welcome.

He’s tracing his trimmed thumbnail beneath a very scientific English word, determined to sound it out with perfect pronunciation,
when his Daddy barking out his name startles him. T.ehyung very rarely raises his voice, that’s not his caregiving style, but-

“N.mjoon-ah! We do not root through other people’s bags, that’s very rude. Can we put that back how we found it, please?”
T.ehyung’s unexpected sharpness startles Joonie and he whips his head up, eyes clouded over with tears he realises how sneaky he’d been. Babbled apologies follow so quickly, he trips over own his tongue as he tries to explain what had compelled him.

Usually, N.mjoon is so good
at remembering his manners and at observing the rules! If anything, he’s s a ‘rule reminder’- liking to keep his Daddy and friends in line when he deems it necessary. To have done the opposite has him all sorts of worked up.

Surprisingly, J.ngkook looks far less cross than his
Daddy does- even though it was his bag N.mjoon had gotten into. Instead, he looks quite bashful. Especially as he goes on to explain that, ’well, actually, those puzzles /are/ Joon’s, if he’d like them?’ I wasn’t sure whether they’d be a silly gift but…’.

Daddy goes all gooey
for that explanation.

Daddy /loves/ Ggukie, N.mjoon knows. But he also knows that they’ve not yet hit the milestone of /voicing/ that to one another. He and Daddy say it to each other frequently, but that’s different because it’s not /romantic/ and it doesn’t lead to big talks
about The Future. (This Joon knows because sometimes, Daddy and Min’s conversations are easily overheard, especially when they take place when they’re all travelling in the one car).

“Still, it would have been more polite to ask, Namjoonie. You could have said, ’excuse me
Ggukie, those puzzles look very interesting, may I see?’. Hasn’t Daddy taught you that we look with our eyes and not our hands?”

Still shamefaced, N.mjoon nods in agreement.

/Oh, yeah…/, Daddy uses /that/ particular phrase often as they go on lots of trips to galleries and
museums where touching could get them into untold amounts of trouble. Whilst he is free to flap them as much as he desires whether they’re admiring modern or ancient sculptures, Joonie’s happy hands have to stay close to his own sides less he shatter anything of priceless
historic importance.

He isn’t as likely to smash Ggukie’s Carrharrt backpack into a thousand pieces but being respectful of it it still stands with his Daddy.

T.ehyung isn’t one to stay mad though, not for any real length of time.

“Hmm. Perhaps, now that you’ve learned that
they are yours, you could say a big ‘thank you’ to our guest?”

Trying to keep the wobble out of his voice, Joon does just that. Not quite managing eye contact but bravely turning himself towards J.ngkook as he speaks up-

“Thank you Ggukie, I-I love them… Mm, my open them,
p’ease? Get a proper look?”

“Sure, sure- le’ me-”

If he were with Hanuel, J,ngkook thinks, he’d slip down to sit on the floor beside her. Communicate with her at her level. It occurs to him that doing so for N.mjoon feels right, too. He /does/ seem so childlike- kneeling on
the faded Persian rug with his eyes like two moons, his panic slowly ebbing away from him and his hands wrapped ever-so-carefully around the puzzles, clutching them tight to his chest them as though they’re the most precious prize. It has J.ngkook feeling vindicated in his
decision to buy them for him, in trusting in his gut instinct.

He allows himself a small pat on the back.
“Can I see?” He asks gently and his heart swells up behind his ribs for N.mjoon’s slight hesitation, his reticence to give up his gift so soon after receiving it.

He is very much determined to be a good boy though, especially after his prior hiccup- he can’t make any more

What if J.ngkook doesn’t want to visit their home again because he’s made such a bad impression?

So, he hands the puzzles over, gnawing on the fleshy insides of his cheek as he would the teat of his pacifier (were it not secreted away in Daddy’s pocket), his eyes
scanning carefully over each of J.ngkook’s movements.

“I’m just gonna-“ J.ngkook murmurs before he slices open the plastic wrapping with one of the keys he has dangling from a chain on his black jeans, “There we go.”

“How about another of your lovely thank yous, baby?”
T.ehyung prompts as N.mjoon’s puzzles are returned, unwrapped, to his curious hands- ready for them to begin their explorations.

He wants to press his palms to the grain of the wood, feel the weight of the individual puzzle pieces when he plucks them up between finger and thumb
and hear the satisfying /click/ of them being fitted back into place.

“T’ankyou, Ggukie.”

Immediately, his worry gives way to a fresh buzz of excitement that has him vibrating like the wings of one of the pictured honey bees and once the puzzles are splayed out on the floor
before him, he can’t keep himself from flapping his overjoyed happy hands in front of his eyes as they squint with the curve of his smile. All giddy fingers and rolling wrists.

N.mjoon is a boy spoiled for love and attention but less so for material items and so brand new
things always feel so special; N.mjoon knows that he must take good care of all of his belongings, tidy them back into their boxes so they’re not trodden on and broken or misplaced.

(Sometimes, his Daddy brings him books from his classroom that need some TLC and N.mjoon
watches with deflated frowns weighing down his pretty eyes and lips as T.ehyung takes his time taping together torn pages and smoothing out crumpled covers.

‘Uh-oh,’ He’ll sigh, holding up the tape dispenser for Tae, ‘Not used kind touches with the stories, huh? Need to tell
them, Dada.’)

Once the little one seems settled, J.ngkook glances up from him to T.ehyung to wordlessly communicate how delighted he is to have made such quick strides in laying down the building blocks for a solid friendship with this soft, small version of his hyung.
He blushes, too. Quite profusely upon noticing how besotted with him his boyfriend seems- Tae’s lips curled into a tender smile for Ggukie, as warm as the amber brown of his eyes.

Tae’s fondness only grows even greater as he continues to observe J.ngkook treating N.mjoon with
the respect he deserves.

Tae takes respecting little ones very seriously- be they his pupils or his cub. Might he have more adult wisdom, more experience in navigating certain pit falls? Indeed, but he can’t assume to know best without having heard all that a child has to say.
When he slips, N.mjoon’s methods of communication might change but they don’t make him any less deserving of being properly listened to; the more he’s heard, the better his specific needs can be attended to.

J.ngkook takes such care as he and Joon converse with one another. He
doesn’t speak over him and he doesn’t rush to step in and finish N.mjoon’s sentences when he stumbles over them. T.ehyung doesn’t see N.mjoon’s pauses as little silences that he’d be better equipped to fill and it seems that J.ngkook doesn’t either.
He waits them out with the same patience he uses with his clients who are clueless on how to use any of his gym equipment.

Tae doesn’t think he’s being hyperbolic to consider J.ngkook’s attentiveness beautiful.
He hadn’t actually thought himself anxious about how things would go prior to J.ngkook’s arrival but he also can’t deny how much lighter and at peace he feels as he observes his two most important people working together so diligently. They look as though they’ve done it a
hundred times before, as though the wear in the rug is the result of them kneeling together for whole afternoons. Nestled right into the warm spot where the dusty sunbeams from the big window fall, like a couple of basking house cats.

With the pair seeming so contented, he
doesn’t even worry about sneaking back into the kitchen to finish off (read: rescue) their meal and that’s certainly something- given that he’s only ever allowed two other people to watch over his baby boy.

As he stirs another pinch of seasoning through his pot of rice, he
listens to them bonding; to J.ngkook’s encouragement when Joon attempts to speak aloud the scientific terms engraved in the wood and then to their matched giggling as they share a feeling of foolishness after a determined attempt to slot a piece into a space that it very much did
not belong, both of them so sure of themselves but then just as keen to figure it out again. To problem solve together- and isn’t that a problem solved in it’s self, the easing of any worries Joon may have had about being accepted by his Daddy’s boyfriend?
It sounds musical to T.ehyung. The two laughs he loves hearing most in the whole wide world chiming together, bright and bold. Of course, little Joon tends to be less anxious about letting himself just /be/-

Be loud, be excitable, be bubbling over with innocent enthusiasm.
Be his best self, in many ways.

Following his lead, J.ngkook becomes markedly less inhibited, too.

Maybe T.ehyung silently congratulates himself on a journey of excellent decisions having lead him to this perfect evening of crystallised sunshine scented with the spicy
sweetness of his Grandmother’s mildest kimchi recipe.


Just as T.ehyung had predicted, J.ngkook has zero qualms about watching Totoro after dinner. In fact, with his tummy heavy with meat and rice, the the thought of lounging, sandwiched between his boyfriend and his new
little best friend, is perfect. One Tae and Joon’s many throw blankets tossed across them to keep off the evening’s approaching chill.

N.mjoon clapping and bouncing in his seat when J.ngkook had so readily agreed to his request hadn’t hurt either.
He’d rushed to the swallow the mouthful of pork that had his cheeks bulging so that he could babble about his excitement, so eager to tell Ggukie about his favourite scenes-

‘There-there is a room that’s is all black! And them not know! But know what it is? Is soot sprites!
Cute, see?’ and ‘the bus a cat! Did Ggukie know?’.

Ggukie /does/ know, but he doesn’t rain on the little one’s parade. No, he gasps in amazement-

“Oh wow! You’ll have to point out all of the best bits for me, huh? What do you think?”
“Yeah! My show! You sit by JooJoo, okay? And-and Dada will make us hot chocos for treat!”

That gets T.ehyung peering across at them with a playful arch of his brows, “Oh, I will now, will I?”

He has to hide a chuckle behind his hand when J.ngkook nods just as eagerly as his
little boy at the prospect of having hot chocolate for dessert.

“Mmm, okay. I suppose. For my two lovely boys, since I do see two clean bowls.”


J.ngkook barely even blinks when N.mjoon is passed his in a baby bottle. It doesn’t go entirely but after watching Tae
spoon feeding him at the table (he did have his own chopsticks but the spoon assured that /some/ grains of rice made it into his mouth) /and/ spotting Tae being as subtle as he could in gaging the wetness of what Koo could only assume was a diaper or something similar, the
bottle, rubber nipple and all, doesn’t much take him by surprise. If anything, it seems obvious- he’d hate to see the baby burned by a spillage from a big boy cup.

It’s precious actually, the soft ‘t’anks, Dada’ Joon sends Tae’s way as he accepts the proffered bottle and
cradles it between his long fingers, how he tucks himself up into his favourite corner of their squashy couch and blinks slowly as he suckles up his first swallow of hot chocolate.

J.ngkook has his own cocoa presented to him in an Earthenware mug that matches T.ehyung’s and it
feels so /right/ as the universe tips just a tad so that the three of then fall olinto one another’s shoulders as they settle down in front of the glow of the television screen and the strings of copper fairy lights that Tae has strung up between his potted plants. Reflections of
the animations flickering in their eyes.

The evening has a vibe that’s very much like being wrapped up in one of Tae’s hugs, Koo thinks. It’s incredible actually- how Tae’s unique energy radiates from the apartment he’s made his home as much as it does his physical self.
He totally understands why Joon would choose the other man as his caregiver, the extra special figure in his life; how safe he must feel knowing he has someone like Tae to rely on when he’s at his most vulnerable.

It’s something that J.ngkook feels, too.

He had done from
their first date, when he and Tae had sat across from one another in a family run barbecue restaurant and T.ehyung had said, with an earnestness J.ngkook had never before found in anybody, ‘let le me learn about you, please?’.


Between their shared body heat and his
rhythmic pulling from his bottle, N.mjoon falls fast asleep only half way through Totoro and Tae coos as he leans across J.ngkook to tug the teat of the bottle from between his teeth so that he can replace it with the pale pink pacifier that he prefers when he’s looking to
suckle, not nibble. His nose wrinkles and his lips purse around it but his eyes stay shut.

“He was so full of energy all day- excited and anxious-,” T.ehyung explains to J.ngkook, body draped across J.ngkook’s torso still, “I was expecting him to crash like his, honestly.
He’s a deep sleeper, though, so we won’t disturb him. Please stay until the end of the movie, baby?”

When the end of the film arrives and the credits roll up over the tv screen, the pair melt into a kiss that’s long and languid until it leads into peels of shared laughter as
N.mjoon rumbles loudly beside them with a sudden snore like an earthquake and whines as he sucks fast to keep from losing his paci.

“He’s so, so cute when he’s small,” J.ngkook whispers through a toothy grin before he rubs his nose through Tae’s floppy hair, “Like hyung is one
of the most impressive people I’ve ever met, he blows my mind, but when he’s small like this? I want to squish those cheeks of his right up.”

For a split second, Tae looks as though he might tear up but instead, he steadies himself and captures the roundness of Koo’s own cheeks
between his hands; squeezing them until his mouth puffs out into cartoony fish lips-

“Oh? Just like this, hm? Yeah, yeah. You know something, I think I know exactly how you feel,”T.eyung tells him, before tipping into a second kiss, one that’s chest-to-chest, with their hearts
thudding together.


J .ngkook is just boarding his bus when his phone buzzes in his pocket and he can’t keep himself from smiling like a dork when he opens his messages to find a photograph of N.mjoon. Still spark out, but now beneath the covers of his own bed in his
nursery, with one of his new puzzles laid out on the pillow beside him and the jade plant J.ngkook had picked up for Tae nestled in the crook of his arm alongside a beanbag crab.

He sends a reply that’s neon with more lurid pink heart emojis than he’s ever chosen to use in his
life and he doesn’t second guess the decision in the slightest.

He’s just fitting his key into the lock of his own front door when another messages flashes up. No photograph this time, but rather a message that reads-

‘He’s going to get soil in his sheets but every time I try
to move it to his bedside table he very grumpily ‘No Dada!’s me in his sleep. Kind of felt the same as I watched you leave our place...’

And J.ngkook, despite his muscles and his stomping sneakers,
has to pause his wiggling of his key and brace himself against the door to keep the swarm of butterflies that reawakens in his belly from sweeping him off of his feet.
[ 🐝 Firstly, a massive thank you to @nsfw_bun for being so gracious in waiting so long for this to come into fruition and riding out some unwelcome waves that hit as I working on this! As well as a thank you to you! For reading all the way to the end! Endings are always tough
but I certainly enjoyed this journey I took to reach this one. I too would like to hide away in Tae and Joon’s super cosy apartment for a bit. Any feedback? Please let me know! http://curiouscat.me/milkoosaurus  🌿 ]
[ p.s. I had a prior mishap posting this thread, so sorry if that was messy on your tl! ]
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