Oh look the same old parroted tweet from a minor circulating with literally THOUSANDS of rts yet again, must be a day ending in -y
LOOK it's basically the same tweet! https://twitter.com/lizcourserants/status/1286858533003198466
To save my breath, just gonna link to what I said last time (it's a full thread of multiple tweets so please click the tweet) https://twitter.com/lizcourserants/status/1286860251401261061
"how many times must we say it? stop. killing. people. even. if. they. are. fictional."

That's what you clowns sound like
Fictional characters are NOT real people.

Real people are NOT fictional characters.

This is literal grade school logic. Preschool children can grasp this concept. Why can't 71k+ people on twitter grasp it?
The bad takes start coming and they don't stop coming

(I usually leave pfps uncensored as to avoid confusion on who's replying to who, but this op's pfp is a literal selfie so)
I don't know what to make of this one lol
I think it's more weird to even think "when I turned 18/19, I gave up my crush on (fictional anime teen) because they won't age with me" but okay 😂
Okay but see these kids are having two different conversations. I've seen this "attraction is different from sexualizing" where they basically seem to be saying "thirst tweeting publicly is bad" and that's a *totally different topic* from "sexualizing fictional minors" like wtf??
Seems to be the same argument made in this series of tweets which I talked about in this thread here https://twitter.com/lizcourserants/status/1297023003792990208
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