Thinking about the massive amount of books I had growing up. At school book fairs, I would make piles of books, and my mom would swing by when she was done teaching and buy most of them. Every book order, 3-5 books. Every trip to Borders, at least 3 books
As a kid, I assumed this was normal. I liked reading, so my parents bought me books. I had 2 full bookshelves in my bedroom alone.

Only as an adult did I realize that the amount of books we owned was a marker of class privilege.
Sure, I made use of the public library. I practically lived there in the summer.

But I didn’t *need* it to access books. Mostly I just liked that it had a/c. And since I grew up before the Kindle age, it provided me with a never ending supply of things to read.
I don’t know that there’s a purpose to this thread. Just the thoughts that were circling through my head as I was trying to do something else
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