When I want to stop praying for this person I’m reminded that some years ago I put someone on my prayer wall for 2 straight years.

At the end of the 2nd year I got a message from him telling me how he had found Jesus.
Sometimes it may feel like nothing is happening, pray still.
A lot of times I wonder why certain people find me and become so important.
When I look at my life and how I’m here in the first place it makes a lot of sense.

It takes a lot of love to not give up on someone your flesh tells you to.
Abba sends them for different reasons.
The day I crossed that prayer request off my prayer wall I broke down in tears.

This year Abba sent another one.
I want to not pray, to not care, but I do.

My friend said “Sometimes it’s the simplicity of the message he needs them to find. The simplicity of the love lived out”
These people are ABBA’s children too.
Uncle Myles says they’re just a little bit lost & confused.
Can u blame them?
You are not more special than them.

Your father wants them too.
They matter to him too.
They are precious to him too.

Love people more, get to know people first.
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