thread on why pretending to be lgbtq+ is incredibly harmful.
tw for homophobia , transphobia , slurs ,
1. the most likely reason i could think that a person could pretend to be lgbtq+ is because they're scared of being "bullied" for being a cishet.
idk but for me, if ur cishet and know ur boundaries i couldnt care less about what u do. pretending that you are enables the idea +
+ that you can speak on lgbtq+ issues, participate in the lgbt jokes here (like saying 'bts gay') and even ... use slurs (if u do that i truly have no will to forgive you)

please stop saying that you're ashamed to be a cishet, i understand it's a joke, but it gets incredibly +
+ infuriating because cishets do not experience the oppression with their sexuality and gender identity. it's almost like saying "i hate having this privilege that other people unfortunately do not have" do you not realise how privileged that sounds?
2. being lgbt is not all sunshine and rainbows
we are not items. we are human beings wanting to have basic rights to live and love.
the reason why twitter is mostly (and loudly) lgbtq is because We cannot express that in real life without being harassed or fetishised
to most lgbtq+ people, twitter and other social medias are our safe spaces. a lot of us are also closeted and minors wanting to discover who we are. please please please respect this
3. a lot of lgbtq+ people are uncomfortable with cishets following them
this can be for a number of reasons, please respect their wishes and just leave them alone. pretending to be lgbtq+ to follow an lgbtq person who does not want cishets following is very uncomfortable
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