I am obsessed with how unbelievably bad and embarrassing this is for all involved. I’m embarrassed I’ve seen it. And hey, it’s what you get when your schools can be started and run by serial entrepreneurs and the state is your customer https://www.amerikanskagymnasiet.se/?lang=en 
I mean there’s the fucking Union Jack in a preview image. The English is fucking terrible (the Swedish isn’t great either, from what I can tell). It’s like, designed around a version of America as described by some kind of sub-Borat.
This is the ad I got on Facebook. Is that supposed to be the principal? A 43-year-old student in a fuckin blazer? Why does the crest have the Puerto Rican flag in it?
I’m still obsessed with this awful thing, and if you haven’t indulged in a deep dive, I’ll do some for you. First, this was definitely written by someone who doesn’t know any jobs. Also, if your 15-yo brinner för HR management, you fucked up as a parent
I implore you to look at the founders’ page, the presence of which really reinforces that this is just like when the sales team takes tjänstledig to do a shitty enterprise tech startup, but look at this guy especially

In addition to having that big Welcome To My Web Site energy, what is even happening here please. I normally don’t like language mockery, but if one thing they promise is proficient English, they should have probably hired an English-speaking copywriter?
Holy actual shit. They’re using...NPS for...for a school. This is unbelievably awful and I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a teacher in this school.
The only thing that actually seems American about it is that it’s exactly what Betsy DeVos wants to do to complete the dismantling of the US public schools. I wonder if they’ll really try to US-style late-capitalism it up and make the teachers buy their own school supplies.
I just don’t understand how no one told these guys the truth about themselves. Or how people can be so confident that you can privatize everything and make essential services into businesses without consequences. Or why they center-justified all the text on the website.
I see someone snitch-tagged the school in my mentions, so I’ll just be clear: it’s FUNNY that their mental model of “American high school” is Saved By The Bell, and it’s IMMORAL that schools can be businesses and seem to be held to no standards whatsoever and kids will suffer.
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