Each year, Adweek salutes 50 leaders in marketing, media and tech who fuel growth through innovation and creativity. In a challenging year, these execs proved their mettle by embracing agility and empathy.

THREAD 👇 Meet a few of this year’s #Adweek50: https://adweek.it/2Sghl9H 
During the pandemic, @kmitch has led content for @Snap’s virtual events that emphasize advertising on the platform and how users were responding to Covid-19, and debuted the brand’s first b-to-b campaign. https://adweek.it/2Sghl9H  #Adweek50
At @disney, @ritaferro acted quickly to respond to this year’s major events, including honoring Chadwick Boseman to create an ad-free experience with T-Mobile and launching Disney Hulu XP, the first ad product from Disney and Hulu. https://adweek.it/2Sghl9H  #Adweek50
The shift to digital and touch-free in-store solutions was a powerful one for @Lowes under @SeemantiniGodbo’s leadership, with a 135% leap in sales in the second quarter as web traffic blew past Black Friday volume for months. https://adweek.it/2Sghl9H  #Adweek50
At @Wendys, @carlloredo helps the chain keep its ear to the ground to stay on top of trends and connect with consumers, and he oversaw the national launch of breakfast this year. https://adweek.it/2Sghl9H  #Adweek50
In 5 years, @rgbinbk has accomplished a lot in her more than five years at @workandco including building the agency’s global product management discipline, and this year alone, she helped close millions of dollars in business. https://adweek.it/2Sghl9H  #Adweek50
Less than two weeks after Covid-19 was declared a national emergency, under @MarcelMarcondes’ leadership @AnheuserBusch reallocated its sports sponsorship dollars to the Red Cross and helped turn empty stadiums into venues to donate blood. https://adweek.it/2Sghl9H  #Adweek50
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