I'm sure that @realDonaldTrump read Joseph Heller's WWII novel Catch-22.

That means Trump knows about Major ________ de Coverley and the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade.

And THAT is why Trump always refuses to condemn on command.

@johnrobertsFox is part of the Crusade.
In the novel, Captain Black decides that he'll stand out among the officers on the Army Air Force base if he begins making men sign loyal oaths to the US when they deal with him.

All the officers on the base in command of all functions suit.
In order to do anything, the men must sign loyalty oaths.

Black sees that he no longer stands out, so he makes the men sign TWO loyalty oaths.

The other officers follow suit.

Black ups it to three then four loyal oaths, and then reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Next the men who come to Black's intelligence tent must sing the Star Spangled Banner.

It got to four loyalty oaths, the pledge of Allegiance, and four choruses of the National Anthem.

With each addition, Black scorned the other officers for not following suit.
"The combat men in the squadron discovered themselves dominated by the administrators appointed to serve them. They were bullied, insulted, harassed and shoved about all day long by one after the other."
"When they voiced objection, Captain Black replied that people who were loyal would not mind signing all the loyalty oaths they had to."
"To anyone who questioned the effectiveness of the loyalty oaths, he replied that people who really did owe allegiance to their country would be proud to pledge it as often as he forced them to."

Catch-22 continues.
"'The important thing is to keep them pledging,' Black explained to his cohorts. 'It doesn't matter
whether they mean it or not.'"
"To Captain Piltchard and Captain Wren, the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade was a glorious pain in the ass, since it complicated their task of organizing the crews for each combat mission."
"Men were tied up all over the squadron signing, pledging and singing, and the missions took hours longer to get under way."
"Effective emergency action became impossible, but Captain Piltchard and Captain Wren were both too timid to raise any outcry against Captain Black, who scrupulously enforced each day the doctrine of 'Continual Reaffirmation' that he had originated..."
"...a doctrine designed to trap all those men who had become disloyal since the last time they had signed a loyalty oath the day before."
Enter Major ________ de Coverley.

Nobody knows what his job is because he's so terrifying. Everyone is so afraid of him than nobody even knows his first name.

They're all too afraid to ask.
He looks like a white-haired Biblical patriarch, and he always makes sure to find the men incredible accommodations when they go on leave, so the men love him despite their fear.

He was away looking for accommodations when the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade came into being.
After Major ________ de Coverley returns, he goes to the mess tent and stops dead, staring.

Every man is signing loyalty oaths, reciting the Pledge, and singing the National Anthem at every step of the way.

He pushes through the crowd, and the tent falls silent.
Major ________ de Coverley gets a tray, moves to the head of the line, and slams down his tray.

"Gimmie eat," he snarls to the cook.

The cook hold out a loyalty oath and a pen.

Major ________ de Coverley knocks it out of his hand.

"GIMMIE EAT, I SAID," he bellows.
The cook hurriedly complies.

Major ________ de Coverley turns and surveys the room, turns back to the cook, and sweeps his arm in an arc to indicate the men.

"Give EVERYBODY eat!"

And that was the end of the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade.
HOW is Trump aiding and abetting Putin?
"This sustained campaign of disruption, disinformation, and denial, is aided by any leader who doesn’t acknowledge it. This is why, I think, the president has to be much stronger in condemning this effort to really reduce our confidence in who we are as Americans."
Have you ever heard of anything stupider in your life?

McMaster has no idea what Trump is DOING behind the scenes.

He just wants strong VERBAL condemnation, like we got in the past.

And let's see a show of hands:

How many of you feel a reduced confidence in who we are as Americans?

How many of you will feel a GREATER confidence in who we are as Americans if Trump condemns Russia?

This is why Democrats are unfit to hold positions of power.
McMaster honestly believes that unless Trump makes an entirely USELESS verbal condemnation, Trump is aiding and abetting the Russians.

McMaster was once a brilliant man.

The mental illness of leftism made him into a shadow of what he was.

It always gets worse.

Public condemnations on command must NEVER be made.

Trump is right to always refuse to comply.

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