I've been watching the ceremony opening a portion of the Ring Road in Calgary, and an Indigenous man just wrapped up a speech about how this is a bad day, and the road was built on his family's stolen land. He finished by cutting off his braids and tossing them on the road. #yyc
Indigenous drummers sang as he walked away. A clearly shaken MLA Whitney Issick is now reading a prepared statement from federal Minister McKenna.
This was a stunning and extremely emotional speech. He talked about how he played in the trees that were torn down for the road. His mother woke up and cried when she saw this event was happening today.
We're now moving on to questions. @CBCScott asks about the federal infrastructure investment first. Premier Kenney says they need to look at more details in order to determine how this will be used.
If you want to watch, the Premier's livestream went down only eight minutes into the event. But if you head to the premier's facebook page you can find a stream there and go back and listen to Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse's speech.
A journalist is now finally asking about the speech. (Did not get her name). Asks Chief Roy Whitney to respond to his concerns and his claims about a lack of discussion. He says this is not the time or place for such an expression.
He says most of the nation voted in favour of this and says people were not forced.
Journalist is following up and asking if Whitney will discuss the concerns. He says he will only sit with a Nation member.
Despite saying there would be questions from the phone (I am on the phone) the press conference has now abruptly ended. I am quite amazed at this. Will be drafting a story about this today.
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