India don’t deserve a permanent seat at the UNSC.

Now, before all of you gang up on me & clutter the comments section with rude insults, I want you to look at a few hard & cold facts. (🧵)
1947–48 : Pakistan snatched a third of Kashmir.

India’s response : Prostrate in front of westerners at the UN.
19th January 1990 : The worst day ever for Kashmiri Pandits. Lakhs had to flee their homes.

India’s response : Mum. Silence. Deafening tranquility! Even after 30 years, they’re living like refugees.
13th December 2001 : The Indian Parliament came under attack from terrorists.

India’s response : An Operation Parakram which was just for show.
26th Nov 2008 : Mumbai came under attack. Innocent people died.

India’s response : Absolutely nothing! Sentenced a pawn (Kasab) to death, that too after feeding him on taxpayer money for two years! The mastermind is still alive.
Look, the permanent seat at the UNSC is not for good boys, it’s for tough men. India is the only powerful country that’s too stupid to realize this.

The US, Russia and China show it to others that they messed with the wrong country.
India is a fearful country. Face it, totally scared and fearful. You know, fear of the unknown. “What if something goes wrong?” Screw it, just do it, dammit !! Have the guts !! Go in and assassinate Hafiz Saeed !!
India shows guts only when the war finally comes. Like they did in 1965 and 1971. But otherwise, India is a coward during peacetime. It doesn’t now how to project power and Pakistan knows this.
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