Let’s talk about herd immunity! A thread...
Herd immunity a type of protection that happens when enough people in a population are immune to an infectious disease, like the influenza virus, because of prior exposure (either infection or vaccine).
We still do NOT know if having COVID produces long lasting protection against the infection. This needs to be true in order for herd immunity to be possible without a vaccine. We also don’t know if having antibodies will protect you against reinfection.
If it does, we would still need AT LEAST 70% of the population to have antibodies in order to get herd immunity. We are VERY far from that threshold and have already lost almost 210,000 lives.
They sampled 28,503 people from across the US & found that LESS than 1 in 10 people had antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). In Iowa, it was less than 1 in 38 people. We are NOWHERE near the numbers to meet herd immunity.
And even if herd immunity possible (the above condition s are met), we would see millions die before we could get to that point.

Isn’t it better to take simple preventive actions we KNOW are effective, like wearing a mask & social distancing, to stop unnecessary deaths?
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