Thank you for everything, Sister Ardeth ❤️ Yesterday, we received the sad news that Sister Ardeth Platte, the inspiring activist, ICAN campaigner & Dominican nun, passed away. She was such a warm, courageous and inspiring voice in our movement, it’s hard to find the right words.
We will miss Sister Ardeth’s fierceness, kindness, and sense of humor, all of which she gave during the long and arduous #nuclearban treaty negotiations in 2017. But she’d been on the frontlines since long before then, and has mentored and inspired so many of our campaigners.
We will miss her unwavering activism and courage, never hesitating to put her body and freedom on the line to bring attention to the crime against humanity that nuclear weapons represent. Read this great thread & article on her by @DanZak 👇
From the brave and iconic act of non-violent direct action at a nuclear-missile site in 2002 to the way she never stopped speaking truth to power, her decades of resistance to nuclear weapons have been and will continue to be an inspiration to us all.
Our thoughts are with her loved ones and in particular with Sister Carol Gilbert. Rest in peace, Sister Ardeth. We will do our best to carry on your legacy. #nuclearban
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