This is the point of QAnon. To dehumanize your enemies to the point where there is nothing you can do that wouldn’t be seen as acceptable. Attacking a mother who just miscarried is horrific, attacking a Satanic monster for feasting on a baby is cool.
QAnon, like all cults, creates an in-group and an out-group and the out-group in QAnon’s case is an evil beyond fathoming. They are Satanists who torture and murder children for their blood. They hate society and God and seek to destroy it.
They seek to warp morality and force perversion upon humanity while exalting their evil God and declaring Him the ruler of the earth. They are evil incarnate. They strive to end the world as we know it.
Why would anyone have empathy for such people? Why wouldn’t QAnon believers sneer and mock their enemies when they are hurting? Chrissy is a thrall of Satan. Hating her is as natural as breathing to these people.
And when the day comes that it’s clear that Trump and Q won’t save the world and throw Chrissy and John Legend in jail along with Obama/Hillary/Comey and all the rest of them. Why wouldn’t they emulate their new hero Kyle Rittenhouse and try to save the world from evil?
What can’t be justified when fighting pure evil? What line can’t be crossed when one is on the side of God fighting against Satan for the fate of humanity? What choice does any honest Patriot have when Trump fails and the rise of the Anti-Christ is upon us?
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