Its either a “baby” - a unique, living, human being


Its just a clump of cells

Its reality doesnt change based on the mothers plans for it

The absolutely heart wrenching post by Chrissy Teigen - about her “baby” - is EXACTLY why we’ve been shouting that abortion is wrong
Its terribly awful to pile on Chrissy personally on such a horrific day, which is why I used a screenshot so as not to tag her

But this issue is just too important and too immoral to ignore

Her post illustrates PERFECTLY why abortion is wrong
A lot of ppl have told me to shut up (or STFU)


I will keep shouting about this topic

Abortion is either like getting a mole removed


It is KILLING an unborn baby

There is no in between
LOTS of ppl errantly thinking Im saying she had an abortion

No. I know it was a miscarriage. HUGE tragedy, 4 which I genuinely feel 4 them

My point is: a miscarriage destroys the mother - bc their baby died

That logic applies to abortion - it is a baby, that is being killed
Im pro 2A

But when pro gun control ppl pipe off the day of a shooting - I get it

they want less murder. so do I. they think gun control will do that, so they sound off

wellll, I want less unborn baby murder

so yes, I will sound off abt the evils of abortion today. & every day
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