✨ ISAC E-Sport Kart Rider Rundown ✨
NCT FOCUSED: not a translation thread.

note: i am putting information that i understand. i am not fluent in korean so i may mistranslate things. please correct me in the qrts in i said something incorrect.
played by 32 people from different bgs and ggs. they will be divided by teams of 4. some groups are teamed up with other groups. since nct came with 4 members, they dont need to team up with other groups.

there will be individual speed racing, team speed racing and item race.
✨ Individual Race
- each game map can only accommodate 8 players so there will be 4 sets with 8 various members
- 1st and 2nd placers will proceed to indv. semi-finals
- haechan and taeil played the 1st set (both using Ethen characters)
Kart 🏎: all karts used were Sonata N Line
Map🏁 Steamfunk Aerodrome (1920)
🏆 1st set winners: WEi Donghan and ONF MK
- Haechan came in 5th, Taeil 7th
- 2nd set were played by ggs except Daewhi of AB6IX
🏆 2nd set winners: IZONE's Yena and Eunbi
- 3rd set participated by Jungwoo (Char: Ethen)
🏆 3rd set winners: NCT Jungwoo and ONF Hyojin
- 4th set participated by Jeno (Char: Ethen)
🏆4th set winners: NCT Jeno and WEi Yohan
- all the winners will compete for the finals individual speed race
Map 🏁: Namsan Tour (Village)
Kart 🏎: Sonata N Line
🏆 Final Winner for Individual Speed Race: WEi Donghan
- Jeno came in 4th and Jungwoo 5th

✨Team Speed Race
Will be played by teams of 4, 4 sets of games, winners will compete for finals
- NCT Played as 1 team vs. April & WJSN
Map 🏁: Up 'N' Down (Village)
Karts 🏎:
Jungwoo - Atlas
Jeno - Zeno
Taeil - Monster
Haechan - Pink Cotton

pictures are in order
🏆1st set: NCT (Jungwoo, Taeil, Haechan, Jeno)
- 2nd set SF9 & N.Flying vs AB6IX & WEi
🏆2nd set: SF9 & N.Flying
- 3rd set OH MY GIRL & ONF vs. Lovelyz & GNCD
🏆3rd set: Lovelyz & GNCD
- 4th set Naddy, I & IZONE vs. Monsta X & Pentagon
🏆4th set: Monsta X & Pentagon
- SemiFi will be played by the 4 teams that won previous rounds
Map 🏁: Bridge Run (Beach)
- 1st set LVLZ & GNCD vs. MX & PTG
🏆1st set: MX & PTG
- 2nd set NCT vs. N.Flying & SF9
🏆 2nd set: N.Flying & SF9
*this was when jungwoo crashed on a wall
Kart 🏎:
Jungwoo & Haechan: White Night
Taeil: i couldnt find his kart. will update if i find it
Jeno: Monster
- the finals will have 3 rounds
- finals round: (1) N.Flying & SF9 vs (2) MX & PTG
🏆 MX & PTG
** ill stop here for today. ill continue the team item race rundown for tomorrow. so i can find their exact karts and maps.
update: i found taeil's kart aaaahhhh i had to switch my language to korean to find it 😭 now i forgot the english name but it's called 렉키
✨ Team Item Race
even 1 member can make it to the finish line, the team automatically wins
⭕️ Quarters
Map 🏁: Large Hot Rod Collider (Brodi)
✅1st set: NCt vs AB6ix & Wei
✅2nd set: SF9 & N.Flying vs GNCD & LVLZ
✅3rd set: OMG & ONF vs MX & PTG
🏆 MX & PTG
✅4th set: April & WJSN vs Natty & IZONE
🏆Natty & IZONE
Map 🏁: Handy Harbor Village
✅ 1st set: NCT vs GNCD & LVLZ
✅ 2nd set: MX & PTG vs Natty & IZONE
🏆 Natty & IZONE
⭕️ Finals
2 games were played, 3 if tied.
1st Map 🏁: Shanghai Noon (China)
2nd Map 🏁: Route 51 (Northeu)
✅ NCT vs Natty & IZONE
Karts 🏎️:
Haechan: Unicorn
Jeno: Justice
Taeil: Kitty Cruiser
Jungwoo: Lunar Blade
(picture in order)
🏆 1st Game: NCT
🏆 2nd Game: NCT
🏆 Final Winners for Team Item Race:
- end thread -
update on taeil's kart! it was a sky piercer! he used this during the team speed game https://twitter.com/ethereallyzeus/status/1311712635436462081?s=20
pressing nitro, jungwoo crashed into a pole, which delayed his win on the race https://twitter.com/ethereallyzeus/status/1311684444911210497?s=19
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