Ministers @DavidLametti and @BardishKW are re-introducing the national ban on conversion therapy today, now known as Bill C-6.

The bill died when Trudeau prorogued Parliament in August. #cdnpoli
Minister Lametti: "There is no unanimity within the Conservative Party [on this bill]."

Some members of O'Toole's caucus have spoken against it; Lametti says it's up to O'Toole to figure that out.
Trudeau: "Conversion therapy is harmful, degrading and has no place in Canada. I hope all parties can come together to support this bill."
I'm waiting on a clip from O'Toole re: the bill. But right now, we have this tweet from his director of comms, which states the Leader of the Opposition thinks the bill would require some amendments.
Erin O'Toole calls the Liberals tabling Bill C-6 today politicking. "They want to divide us":
The big issue O'Toole has with the legislation: That it could criminalize conversations between parents and children, or children and faith leaders. He wants the bill to clearly define what conversion therapy is.
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