Once again same UP,same Narrative of #DalitVsUpperCaste uproar,same Story of GangRape nd Murder,same Safdurjung Hospital nd one way Media trial. Bt this time its nt @samajwadiparty or @UPCongress or @BSP4IND but its @BJP4UP own MP @Rajveerdiler who orchestrated it
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Everyone wants to Lynch the 4 boys because they are Men nd frm Upper Caste without bothering to know whether they are the culprit or nt.Rape is most Heinous Crime nd so is Murder. Bt it does nt mean tat we on mere allegation shall start lynching people
As per Ground Reports frm Locals, the boy Sandeep nd the Girl were dating each other since long while there were long time enmity between their families.They gt caught many times by their families in past and even gt beaten up by their own family members fr it
The matter came to Village Panchayat which asked to get both of them married. But brother of the Girl was so furious and totally against this relationship. Even family of Sandeep was nt willing fr this and so they send Sandeep out of the Village for some time.
Sandeep even gifted a phone to the Girl. Once when he called the Girl,her Bhabhi picked the phone.After that Brother of the Girl caught Sandeep nd assaulted him. He also informed abt it to the family of Sandeep who also beat him up
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On the day of incident girl nd her mother was in their field where Sandeep came to meet her nd her Mother was there at a distance of few mtrs frm them.Girls family alleged tat Sandeep attacked her with an intention to kill. Nowhere rape or presence of other people were mentioned.
Later the family of the Girl specially her bother on the advice of local Dalit @BJP4India MP @rajveerdiler36 has changed the narrative frm attempt to murder to Gang Rape nd Murder.They allegedly pressured the Girl to give the statement to this effect
#HathrasHorror #ActLikePappu
As per few villagers when Sandeep came to meet the Girl her mother saw them and called the brother of the Girl. After tat Sandeep gt panicked nd fled frm there. Later her Brother assaulted her and even tried to strangle her with her duppatta.
#HathrasHorror #ActLikePappu
Do nt know who is the culprit nd who is innocent.What we demand is a fair nd impartial investigation.The call details of the Girl, boy,Brother of the Girl nd Local MP @Rajveerdiler must be investigated to unearth if there is any conspiracy to change the narrative.
No one shall be spared for committing a crime like Gang Rape nd Murder bt at the same time no one shall be punished fr the Crime they never committed. Creating a fake narrative of atrocities jst for the sake of getting political mileage nd sensation mst be condemned
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