I am getting reports of huge protests in Azerbaijani cities in Iran. People have masks in one of them, so I am judging it is legit and current one. Sepahis are chasing after people.
They are chanting "Kurds, Persians, Armenians - they are enemies of Azerbaijan", "Karabakh is ours".
You can see police here https://twitter.com/amirafshar135/status/1311672621134643207
Some of the chanters say "Russians, Persians, Armenians" others say "Kurds, Persians, Armenians"
Sadly, we don't have official resources and we know how closed Iran is. This is supposed to be law enforcement on their way.
According to this video law enforcement uses firearms (could be rubber bullets too). One person chants "Victory is ours" https://twitter.com/ParvizYari2/status/1311677680916594688
And not only in Azerbaijan. This one comes from Tehran, with familiar chants.
This video is reported to be from Urmia. Chants are familiar too
Protests have been happening in Tabriz, Tehran, Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil and Urmia. Governor in Urmia ordered law enforcements to suppress any protests. Their main demand is closure of Norduz border pass to Armenia.
I can in no way confirm this, but locals say there are 100+ arrests so far.
I am translating what I am hearing right now - "as soon as clashes started in Karabakh, trucks have been moving from Anzali port to Norduz. Only 30 of 1000 passed the border. "
"Two new important developments: 50 MP strong fraction (mainly North-Western Iran) released a statement that Iran's foreign policy should shift towards Azerbaijan. Imam Jumas of 4 ostan (Khamenei's representatives in regions) also released a statement saying Karabakh is 🇦🇿's"
"BBC Persian made a story on that and came to a conclusion that Khamanei's representatives wouldn't release this statement without his approval."
I am sure we can check BBC Persian to confirm this. Any help?
Another video from Tehran. Chant is "Azərbaycan var olsun, istəməyən kor olsun" (Literal translation: Long live Azerbaijan, let anyone be blind who doesn't want it)
BBC Persian article on Imam Jumas. Thanks @1501Safavi and @EldarMamedov4 https://twitter.com/1501Safavi/status/1311696594522308609
Protestors burnt the Armenian flag
Flag burning and law enforcement deploying is visible here https://twitter.com/Goorkan11/status/1311688064184578050
Zanjanis also joined the protest (it is already dark in Iran, so this quite old)
My informant tells me Iranian oppositioners will surely use the opportunity, but they are hesitant right now because protests have Turkic tone and character. Demonstrations are planned continue as long as Azerbaijan (Republic) is determined to continue as well.
"Iranian Turks are not ignorant of what is going in region like 30 years before. And every year they want to have more say in governance of their own country, have a say in foreign politics and views on Republic on Azerbaijan."
An elderly person is injured and bleeding, but still chants "Karabakh is ours, will be ours"
Another video from Tehran. This time with Azerbaijani flag: "Ermənidən himayət, cinayətdir cinayət!" (To protect the Armenian is crime!)
Continuation of flag burning video (Tabriz)
Continuation of video before. Protestors tried to make barricades
Police managed to arrest some protestors beforehand and rounded them up. The woman who took video was also going to join.
I asked my informant on some racist slogans in protests: "Demonstrators are not organized from one center and they are rather came up with their own slogans. Some of these slogans are outdated and indeed hurts of just cause of Iranian Turks, they don't represent us."
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