THREAD, in case you're wondering how screwed up Azerbaijan is: This is Ramil Safarov, an Azeri officer who murdered Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan at a NATO training seminar in Hungary. He killed him by hacking him to death with an axe in his sleep.
Safarov nearly decapitated Margaryan, then went to the room of another Armenian officer and there tried to break the door down.
His motive for the vicious murder?

"I regret that I hadn't killed any Armenian before this... My calling is to kill Armenians."
The subsequent Hungarian trial, in which it was shown that he didn't know or have any other grievance with them other than their nationality, resulted in Safarov being sentenced to life in prison without possiblity of parole for thirty years.
Now comes the REALLY SCREWED UP PART: A fter serving only eight years, Safarov was extradited back to Azerbaijan, *fully pardoned* by President Ilham Aliyev, promoted in rank to major, given back-pay and a place to live, and widely lauded as a hero.
I'll share quotes now, some of them simply unimaginable, from the range of political, military, and cultural figures who praised Safarov for his crime.
Before Safarov's extradition back to Azerbaijan, human rights ombudsman of Azerbaijan, Elmira Suleimanova, called him "a model of patriotism for Azerbaijani youth".
Novruz Mammadov, Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan:

"Yes, he is in Azerbaijan. This is a great news for all of us. It is very touching to see this son of the homeland, who was thrown in jail after he defended his country's honor and dignity of the people."
Famous Azeri singer and parliamentarian, Zeynab Khanlarova:
So yeah, as you can see, there's a deep problem of blood thirsty bigotry and hatred in Azerbaijan. I can't specifically comment on Armenia right now, but I would wager to say there are many Armenians who are just as callous about killing Azeris as well.

Not a good situation.
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