@ubi_works when I first saw you pop up on Twitter I was excited to see a new group advocating for UBI in Canada. Then I saw your actual proposal, which is only $500 of UBI plus a means-tested $1500 that effectively results in a 100% tax rate to the most financially vulnerable. 1/
What was the process through which you arrived at this particular proposal? It claims to be UBI but most of it is just the same kind of social assistance that punishes vulnerable people for working, taking 100% of their earnings up to $2000/month. 2/
Your plan would mean that people who are struggling to make ends meet are in a situation where their work is not compensated at all. Why would you want this? 3/
The obvious alternative is: instead of taxing those with the least, tax those with the most. This is how our income tax system works, it's the reason it's called a "progressive" tax system. Why make an exception for those with the very least? 4/
Maybe it's so that you could claim that "your income taxes wouldn't have to go up". Meanwhile your very first suggestion to pay for it is an increase of GST, which is a regressive tax that disproportionately affects those with less! 5/ https://www.ubiworks.ca/howtopay 
Instead we could have a real Guaranteed Livable Income in Canada that's implemented entirely in the income tax system, where most Canadians wouldn't see their taxes go up, but those of us with more can foot the bill. 6/
This is the kind of thing the @NDP and @CanadianGreens have been advocating for, and the details matter! 7/7 #UBI #GLI #cdnpoli
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