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A Guy I Used to Follow on the Internet.
As I'm sure a lot of you are aware, sometimes the internet peanut gallery for especially repulsive people will actually go full-blown Dirk Gently and work to get them busted by actual cops.

That is exactly what happened to this guy.
Abbreviated version: He moved to LA to act, never worked out, ended up living in a van. Recorded endless YouTube videos about how this was all going to be "part of his backstory" when he was famous, and how his only real problem in life was he was just too smart.
He'd do things like read "Atlas Shrugged" aloud to the camera, then pause and make pointed eye contact with the viewers after a passage he clearly felt applied to him especially.
Anyway, that was the appeal of watching him, the astonishing Dunning–Kruger at work.

Then, one day, inexplicably, his financial situation drastically improved.
He bought a brand new sports car, rented a mansion, spent a fortune on self-help tapes and programs. In one video, he drunkenly waved around a brick-sized stack of cash like an Instagram rapper, squealing "This is what you call CAPITAL!"

He also got his (awful) teeth fixed.
He claimed this sudden wave of good fortune came about because he was "Having meetings with the right people," which... isn't even a good LIE. So, the peanut gallery began to investigate.

Unsurprisingly, he was committing massive, repeated fraud.
In California, even bad, run-down houses are worth a fortune. Land is that valuable.

This guy was being chauffeured around by a friend, looking for abandoned homes. When he found one, he'd forge a notarized deed, claiming the dead owner had gifted him the house, then sell it.
His peanut gallery found out. One local member of it, incensed, got a copy of the deed, found out who the guy had claimed notarized it, FOUND the notary, got a statement from her that her stamp/signature had been forged, and gave all the evidence to the cops.
And cops are never quite so effective as when you do all their work for them.

The guy found out, abandoned his mansion, got rid of the sports car, bought an RV, and retreated to the California desert to hide from the police.. all while STILL uploading videos to YouTube.
In one, he visited the grave of the woman he'd stolen a house from, to mock her on camera.

In another, he filmed himself outside a police station, claiming "I went in and asked, and they say I'm not wanted for anything! Then they offered me a job!"

Like watching a child lie.
Anyway, the cops caught him, and he did a year in prison.

His partner in the scam did no time, as far as I know, cuz only the guy signed all the paperwork.

While imprisoned, someone actually took a strange, unearned pity on him, which he tried to turn into an extortion attempt.
He demanded $1,000 for "paralegal classes," threatening to ruin the name of his good Samaritan by posting mean things about them on the internet if the dough didn't come through.

The Samaritan eventually had to file a restraining order.
Anyway, the guy was eventually released after serving his time, and a video of him popped up being dragged, screaming, by his heel, across an intersection by an unidentified man.

Never did get the full story on that. But I'm sure he earned it, somehow.
Anyway, after his probation was up, he moved back to Nebraska, where he now lives with his mom and updates his TikTok.
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