Today is October 1st, which marks 35 years since Israel launched an airstrike on Tunisian land, killing many Palestinian and tunisian civilians.

Here's a short thread of what happened:
After the Lebanon War of 1982, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) moved its headquarters to Tunisia.

In retaliation to attacks done by Palestinian gunmen, Israel chose the PLO headquarters (where Yasser Arafat also was) for their next attack, 2,000 km away in Tunis.
The attack was facilitated by intelligence about Tunisian and Libyan air defense systems provided to Israel by Jonathan Pollard, an intelligence analyst for the USA government.

And shortly before the attack, Israel threatened to attack the PLO "wherever it was".
That made Tunis, on the eve of the attack, express concern to the USA, which, according to a Tunisian official, had assured Tunis that there was no cause to worry.

The next day, 10 Israeli jets were sent to Hammam Chott to raid the headquarters.
The attack lasted 6 minutes, and completely destroyed the buildings. Yasser Arafat was not there at the time.

Israel claimed that 60 "terrorists" were killed. The hospital sources put the final count at 47 dead and 65 wounded, among which were tunisian civilians.
Obviously, the attack got a lot of condemnation.

Rene Chiche, president of the Management Committee of Jewish Organizations, said that the Jewish community expresses its great distress over the attack, "and we reiterate to President Bourguiba our unshakable loyalty.''
As for the USA, under the Raegan administration, they initially labelled the attack as a "legitimate response to terror", but then later said that the attack "cannot be condoned".
The United Nations Security Council voted in Resolution 573 (with the United States abstaining) to condemn the attack on Tunisian territory as a flagrant violation of the UN Charter and deemed that Tunisia had the right to appropriate reparations.
There's a lot more to the tragedy that I didn't get to, but feel free to go research. But now that you're done reading the thread, have a look at the IDF's version of the story, the propaganda is very apparent:
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