What I learned today from @AJA_Cortes and @0x49fa98

Because women can’t enforce law (they cannot destroy life) they cannot understand it. Women understand people but not abstractions (like law or sin) by nature. A hyper feminized world is dangerous bc everything is permissible.
The attack on men is rooted in the threat they pose to a hyperfeminized world, not in actual transgressions by men onto women. Masculinity by its nature does not permit everything, it is the thing that forbids and sets boundaries. Husbandry is controlling nature to make a garden.
The idea that something is morally permissible because “it’s not hurting anyone” can only be conceived of by female psychology because it’s only concerned with individuals. It doesn’t see the abstract idea of sin that will affect society for generations.
Freedom, unbounded is like nature, unbounded. Freedom and nature can both feed and nurture, but without their bounds they can mercilessly destroy. This is also the essence of feminine nature, and why unbounded freedom can only be bolstered by a hyperfeminized society.
It is up to the masculine to control; to impose its will. And to do so in such a way that it does not hurt or destroy the feminine, but allows it’s more beautiful flowers to bloom.
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