. Today is the final day #E2821 can be signed, it ends at 2:59pm.

@CQualtro has made it clear the government's systemic ableism is the reason the disabled community and people in poverty have not been helped, even though she is the one who is responsible for ending it.

. @CQualtro also used the exact words as @fordnation that she called discrimination to explain you only deserve aid if you can work.

"Reality check" she said, "Jay did not lose a job".

Also saying the disabled community is "complaining".

178 days we have been starving.

Unable to get life saving medication
Families falling apart
People losing the roofs over their head
Losing everything
Taking their own lives

She says we are "complaining".

She also admitted knowing of #E2821 which was the exact languages used in the throne speech

But she decided more time is needed, since the throne speech was just a few days ago, like the crisis has not existed for 178 days now.

As if her and the governments abandonment gets to reset the clock, and start fresh.

#E2821 is about demanding the abandonment stops.

It exists because the minister who's duty is to make Canada inclusive excuses it not being so, tells starving people they are complaining, tells people they did not lose a job when excluded from aid.

Where in the Canada Disabilities Act does it say "if they lost a job"?

Where in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms does it say "if they lost a job"?

Why do all Canadians need to support #E2821 ?

Because dying Canadians are told "there is no easy way" to include the disabled community, if they are 'too' disabled to work.

If you read this thread, realise one thing.
People who have been pushed to breaking points, are being told by the person in government who is directly responsible for helping them, to stop complaining.

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