Thoughts of unbelievable excitement aside (and getting tweeted by the LEGEND that is Danny John Jules) I'm actually going to spend my day MAKING something
So, what to do?

If it was stronger, it'd be okay.

So I decided to make it stronger. And cooler.

Bought some fibreglass tape for the corners, painted the logo gold, then hit the whole thing with some black spray paint.

This is where I'm currently up to.
So, as someone who obsessively watches @donttrythis videos and @TheRepairShop I'm going to try and use some of the stuff I've learned to make it cool.

I lack tools and space, so had some plastic discs cut to size. That's going to be a window on the logo.
And then, I'm going to wrap the whole thing in Dragon Leather!

(Is what it's listed as, but is just normal leather with a pattern tanned into it)
Have made a template for the leather

Have also bought some felt squares to line the inside of the dice tray - and am going to try to make Moradin's symbol to inlay into it.

Will keep updating this thread because...
... as I said, I LOVE watching maker videos and seeing how people do their thing.

So, putting a bit of what I love back out into the world.

If Dungeons and Dragons dice tower customisations aren't for you... cool bruh.

But for the other three of you: Look! I'm doing it! 😁
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