Where exactly is gas used in "manufacturing"? Fertiliser? Anything else?
Thanks for the responses everyone, clearly gas is used in a lot of ways across "manufacturing".
What's missing from this conversation is analysis of where gas is used in manufacturing (reports exist), the degree to which the price of gas impacts on these businesses, the alternatives available or whether there is any prospect of lowering gas prices in Australia.
And what is the role for government here? The Libs most coherent view on this seems to be "if it helps our mates it is a role for government".
So imagine for a second that we had a government with a coherent view to support manufacturing. Would increasing gas supply for the purpose of lowering prices be an effective use of resources? Absolutely doubt it. There are lots of other things they could do to help manufacturing
It's no accident that they've chosen the pathway to Help Manufacturing that has a marginal impact on manufacturing, but a big impact on their fossil fuel mates.
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