If there is an invaluable lesson I learnt early on, it was getting immersed in the confidentiality rule. The feeling I get when people pay for & trust me with their businesses or issues & mention it's because they are confident I'm never going to use it for public content.
Either you're a Doctor, Strategy Consultant, Accountant or Recruiter, normalising confidentiality increases people's confidence in you in a way that even your competence may not. The ability to resist the urge to quickly share an experience with a "bad candidate" at an interview
Or resisting the urge to quickly share your "small wins" a client that engaged you to do xyz, or even sharing screenshots of people asking you for guidance or thanking you for your help go a long way in building confidence in you as a dependable person. People watch.
People watch these things, and it says a lot about how highly you regard the other person’s privacy. Ask yourself, what does your social media posts tell a potential client or candidate or employer?

Have a great day and Happy Independence Day.
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