Contrasting response to Hathras & Balrampur cases is why we are the real alternate voice

Every publication covered Hathras. Channels reported every detail, newspapers put it on page 1. Opposition held press conferences. Student groups hit streets. None of it is ever visible in +
Balrampur-like cases.
Hathras family is getting 25 lakh, a house & a job. Good for them. But no such demand made for Balrampur, nor has govt promised anything. No politician is headed there.
Reporter who covered hurried cremation at night – and it was great work – will +
most likely get some award. I will get nothing for getting so many minor girls rescued.
A Naina Kaur is still exclusively covered by us. Only we step in to check on the aggrieved family and help them. Rape-video of minor dalit girl in Ghosiya still exclusively covered by us +
Only we step in to get her some compensation. These are just two of many examples. It’s fine; I don’t work for such acknowledgement, just pointing out lack of balance.

So before asking me why I did not cover a case that everybody covered, ask why only I cover certain cases.
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