It’s not possible for any government in any part of the world to completely control crimes against women. The police cannot be present everywhere at all times. But it is possible for govts to respond strongly to these crimes when reported instead of dismissing them as ‘fake news’
It is possible for the police to immediately register a gang rape case instead of waiting for ten days. It is possible for the administration to ensure the best medical care to the brutally assaulted victim without bragging how care is ‘free of cost’ for the victim
It is possible for the administration to hand over the body to the grieving family. It is possible for the Chief Minister to have visited the family immediately instead of doing a video call weeks later because of national outrage.
It is possible to allow the family to cremate their child according to their customs. It is possible for the police to allow a mother to see her dead daughter one last time and put haldi on her and ganga jal in her mouth. It is possible for the police to not threaten them
Finally, it is possible for the state govt to address public anger instead of threatening those expressing it with cases. It is possible not to get it’s party office bearers to slander the family. It is possible to let a dead girl get dignity in death when she got none in life.
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