It’s sad to see how racist some non-Iranian Kurds are towards Iranians. Iran is not Iraq, Syria, or Turkey. Iran is the only nation out of those four that is proudly multi-ethnic and has been since its very conception, well before even the era of Cyrus the Great.
Cont: regardless of the political situation of Iran, the Iranian people actually treat Kurds like humans. The vast majority of Turks *especially* do nothing but degrade them. Kurds would be smart to use pan-Iranism to their advantage to recruit a natural ally in the region.
The difference between Iran and Turkey is this: when an injustice is committed towards a Kurd in Iran, the rest of the country cries out in outrage, whereas Turks will spam photos of Kurdish children with chemical burns and their country's emoji.
Very sad. Kurds found this thread and started holding me accountable for the actions of a government I’ll be the first to condemn, all because I said we should coexist rather splintering into a dozen statelets ripe for America’s target practice. Xuda Hafiz ✌🏻🕊
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