Today's thread is on Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. Lets go.
Before we go into the conflict, have a look at this map of Transcaucasia or South Caucasia where this is happening. The center of conflict is Nagorno Karabakh Region which is legally with Azerbaijan but occupied by Armenia at present
95% of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh region is ethnically Armenian. At present Armenia is controlling it but it is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan.

Armenia is Christian majority and Azerbaijan is Muslim majority country.
It all started in 1920 when Soviet Union established Nagorno-Karabakh as Autonomous Region within Azerbaijan despite having majority of ethnical Armenians. In 1988,Nagorno-Karabakh legislature passed a resolution to join Armenia despite it being located in Azerbaijan borders
In 1991,after a referendum, autonomous Nagorno Karabakh region officially declared that it would not join either of the countries. Azerbaijan boycotted this referendum and both Armenia and Azerbaijan went into war over this.
Armenia got control of the region and in 1994, Russia mediated a cease fire which is in place till date on paper only. In 2016, they had a four day war as well. On 27th September, both countries again started the war by military actions on each other
Nagorno Karabakh is at present ruled by a govt with Armenia Support. Azerbaijan who have legal claim over the region, does not like it. Azerbaijan's most of population is Turks and Turkey is their biggest ally. While Armenia have Russian support.
Turkey is dreaming of resurrection of Ottoman Empire while Russia wants to curb Turkish influence in this part of Europe. Though Russia is supplying arms to both the countries. While India is closer to Armenia, Azerbaijan is a supporter of Pakistan and China.
Azerbaijan is a significant oil and gas exporter to Europe and Central Asia. India's ONGC Videsh have significant investment in oil fields there.
Azerbaijan supports Pakistan's claim on Kashmir. Its funny because what Pakistan is doing to PoK is exactly what Armenia is doing to Nagorno Karabakh region.
USA supports Azerbaijan. Iran who have large Azeri Minority also supports Azerbaijan. France have significant Armenian population so their support goes in Armenian side. This conflict can lead to world war if turkey doesn't practice restrain.
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