Imagine working for an NED (CIA) linked media outfit in Pakistan, busy in spreading propaganda, disinfo & misinfo day-in/day-out & having the guts to accuse someone else of “having sold your soul.”

She is managing editor of Naya Daur Media, let’s take a look at it.


Naya Daur is headed by Raza Rumi who is a stalwart of NED paid “social activism” in Pakistan.

He had been working for NED funded organizations in various positions sometimes as the Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellow, as Exec Dir Justifies Network & as Dir of Jinnah institute.

Now let’s take a look at some of the false reporting, fake news & malicious spin consistently being published by Naya on sensitive sectarian issues as well as vital international ties between Pakistan & China

Such sensational reporting is used to induce click bait readership

Even though, then Chinese deputy ambassador to Pakistan described this report as “fabricated & totally groundless” Naya Daur didn’t take the story down & it’s still online on their propaganda website.

The clear aim is to incite Pakistani public opinion against the Chinese.

For any professional publication such a huge claim in a report by any professional journalist would have to thoroughly vetted & confirmed from multiple sources before publication.

But Naya Daur’s founding edition is Raza Rumi himself a NED (CIA) paid “journalism expert.”

This report was extensively used by other Indian sponsored anti Pakistan propagandists to spread massive disinformation regarding Pakistan’s international ties with China & the progress of CPEC.

Both of these propagandists write anti-Pakistan reports for Indian media:

After PM Imran Khan’s successful visit to US, where President Trump remarkably offered mediation on Kashmir, Naya Daur published a misleading piece in Urdu with a malicious spin that:
US offer of mediation was only valid for the region of Azad Kashmir 

At the same time another sensationalist piece was published again at Urdu version of Naya Daur targeted specifically to rile the urdu reading audience in Pakistan with a malicious claim that,

“Pakistan had sold the Kashmir cause to the US” with an image of PM IK with Trump.

Another fake news using quotes attributed to a sectarian groups prone to use violence on religious grounds was published by Naya Daur which could’ve led to incitement to violence.

A journalist called out Naya Daur for reporting on doubtful sources, but Rprt is still online:

Then Naya Daur posted another blatantly fake news story quoting PM Imran Khan saying something which he clearly didn’t say.

Anyone who understands Urdu can watch the video clip where he’s speaking on the issue & it clear he was misquoted by Naya Daur Media’s spin masters.

Even PM Focal Person on Digital Media who is part of his office staff contradicted the published report as “fake propaganda news” but Naya Daur Media group has refused to retract the claim to this very day.

This misleading report by Naya Daur is still online:

Then Naya Daur posted another blatantly fake news story quoting Governor Sindh Imran Ismail saying something that’s aimed at creating ethnic strife in Sindh Pakistan.

Despite his own denial, Naya Daur Media didn’t retract the story & it’s still online on their news website.

Then Naya Daur Media published another blatantly fake news reporting on a sectarian issue that had no basis in fact.

Again this could’ve led to sectarian violence & a professional journalist even called it out as fake news.

But Naya refuses to retract & it’s still online.

Then Naya Daur published a fake news propaganda report with specially designed cartoon giving an impression that Pakistani security forces are responsible for killing innocent tribesmen.

While professional journalists were reporting confessions of captured terrorists.

Even during initial days of Covid19 Naya Daur’s propagandists consistently tried to undermine govt policy on the health crisis by publishing a scathing editorial & claiming PM Imran Khan “belittled the coronavirus crisis”

A policy that WHO chief later recognized as success.

Now if you think a prominent media personality such as Raza Rumi couldn’t really have worked as an NED paid activist.

Then here he is being proudly presented by Chris Walker NED’s VP for Studies & Analysis Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellow & voice for “democracy” in Pakistan.

Now if you think that NED is just a simple US based NGO innocently working for democracy in the world, then you must read this detailed report prepared by another top US ThinkTank “The Cato Institute” that describes:

NED using US funds to harass duly elected foreign govts.

In the section titled: “ NED’s Mischief Overseas” the CATO institute report states:
“types of substantive projects NED has promoted.. would otherwise be possible only through CIA covert operations.. such activities would be illegal for foreign groups operating in the US.”

If you still believe this report isn’t a genuine report & it wasn’t presented as part of Foreign Policy Briefing number 27,

then here’s the link to official website of The CATO Institute where a pdf version of the entire report could be downloaded.

When a professional journalist Arshad Sharif asked Raza Rumi “what is National Endowment for Democracy doing in Pakistan..isn’t it a CIA front”

See below, how conveniently Mr Raza Rumi the founding editor of Naya Daur Media proclaimed his limited knowledge on the subject:

Raza Rumi founded Naya Daur as a Facebook page sometime around 2017, an year after spending time in US working for NED as Reagan Fascell Democracy Fellow.

It was registered in April18, just before elections in Pakistan & this Pakistani news site is hosted on a server in US.

Naya Daur Media Group, with an Urdu & English News website, Youtube channel & Twitter, Instagram accounts

As per Naya Daur’s own ‘About Us’ page, it’s not privately funded but a “public funded outlet” which sounds like a convenient way to describe unknown financing sources.

Around same time in 2018 NED was pouring mil of $$ into targeted groups in Pakistan eg:

1-Political Parties

2-Union & Labor orgs

3-Civil Society Groups in FATA

4-Data Journalism, investigative reporting

How can US govt funded NED fund these groups in Pakistan ethically?

If you’re thinking this can’t possibly be true that a CIA front org is funding political parties, unions, labor unions, journalists & media groups in Pakistan despite a ban on US aid from 2017 & it can’t be proven.

Here’s a link to NED’s own website:

Not only was NED funding political activities during election year of 2018 but the financing continued in 2019.

It expanded to:
1-Advocacy campaigns in Balochistan (missing persons?)

2-Minority & Natural Resources Groups in Sindh (Anti Dam & Shia persecution campaign?)

3-Journalists received upto $60k & women journalists received upto $125k ( Naya Daur?)

4-Jinnah Inst again $60k+$125k

5-Digital Rights Fd-DRF headed by Nighat Dad received $40k which makes it a CIA funded org, while she led a SM Metoo campaign as Meesha Shafi’s lawyer.

As per Jinnah Institute’s website Raza Rumi is still a Sr Research Fellow & JI is headed by serving the PPP Senator Sherry Rehman who is President & sits at Board of Governors while receiving these funds.

How is it ethically or legally possible?

Nighat Dad after receiving NED funds in 2019 as founders of DRF, was selected in 2020 as the independent oversight board member by Facebook & instagram that determines which content to allow or remove from FB/insta to supposedly “protect” digital rights of Pakistani accounts

Few months after she joined Facebook announced suspension of 453 Pak Fb accts, 103pgs, 78groups & 107 Insta accts that criticized Modi’s govt, exposed Indian propaganda & reported accts who posted anti-Pakistan/Islam propaganda on Fb/Insta.

So much for Pak digital rights..

If you think NED funding Jinnah Institute, journalists, advocacy campaigns in Fata, Sindh & Balochistan in 2019 can’t be verified then you’re mistaken.

Plz find these details on NED’s own website:

& if you still think NED isn’t linked to CIA then,

“Congress agreed to create NED in 1983 on condition that CIA not be involved, something then-CIA Dir William Casey promised, but didn’t follow: at the last minute he had language prohibiting involvement of CIA personnel removed from bill.”

US report:

“Revolts.. sweeping the region, including.. Egypt, received training & financing from groups like the International Republican Institute (NED), National Democratic Institute (NED) & Freedom House, nonprofit human rights orgs based in Washington”

Fact is US State Dept has been financing NED that funds groups around the world to achieve US foreign policy goals that are too political for CIA to engage in.

But US govt protects itself against similar foreign interference by requiring foreign funded groups to sign FARA.

It’s time we introduce laws in Pakistan similar to US Foreign Agents Registration Act-FARA that requires any individual, group, org or firm receiving funding from foreign principals that may be connected in any way to a foreign govt to declare themselves as foreign agents.

If you wish to read more on US ThinkTank’s influence operations in Pakistan and elaborate links with the Indian intelligence agencies as well as the Indian government propaganda machine with these activities in Pakistan, you’re welcome to go through the following thread:

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