The greater the magnitude of an event, the longer it takes people to assimilate it.

I HIGHLY recommend that you rewatch @realDonaldTrump's utter demolition of the Democrat party last night.

It's easy to miss things that get lost in the melee.
Battle of Fallujah, June 16, 2016.

An attack jet flew right in front of your face, so fast that you didn't even see it.

You can clearly see the wing, but other than that, it's totally indistinct.
I was able to calculate the speed, using the video frame rate and the distance between the street lamps on the bridge, which I got from an Arabic-language Fallujah municipal power manual.

It was going Mach 4.5.

The SR-71 BlackBird flew at Mach 3.32.
The CIA A-12 Oxcart flew Mach 3.35.
A Blackbird pilot was asked what the world looked like from so high and so fast.

He said he had no idea. He had to fly the aircraft by instrument the whole time.
If he took his eyes off the instruments for even a second, the aircraft would go completely out of control and disintegrate.

In 2016, SOMEBODY flew an attack aircraft EVEN FASTER at almost street level.

It's very possible--even likely--that it was manned.
By using a combination of human brainpower and AI, you could have a manned aircraft flying that low.

The pilot would steer it, while the AI dodged obstacles.

You wouldn't need a pilot with superhuman reflexes.
I haven't seen a single aviation or science writer comment on this footage.

They missed what's called a "paradigm shift."

A change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.
Last night Trump created a paradigm shift.

Politic is will never be the same.

The commentary is so feeble because the shift has not yet been recognized.

They talking about muzzling Trump in the next debate.


Won't happen.
Biden has to rise to Trump's level.

So do debate moderators.

It's what WE THE VOTERS now expect.

One debate changed everything.

From now one we expect direct talk, not the same old lies and biases.
Today Chris Wallace says he's sad and how everything "went off the rails."

He has some nerve.

Here are the six topics he announced:

The Trump and Biden Records
The Supreme Court
The Economy
Race and Violence in our Cities
The Integrity of the Election
What's missing?

Climate change.

Wallace LIED TO US and tried to nail Trump with an unannounced topic that BIDEN knew Wallace would introduce but that Wallace thought would hurt Trump.

Made no difference.

Trump slaughtered BOTH BIDEN AND WALLACE.

Paradigm shift.
The debate was NOTHING that all the "experts" are claiming.

It was a non-politician refusing to play the game and read from the script that all the flopped Republicans read from.


You think he wants to go through that again?
This was Trump TRAINING everybody:

Knock off the corruption or face my wrath.

It was magnificent.

Trump has never done that before, even in his private life.

Look how natural he was.

How easy it came to him.

Righteous fury.
Some people never accept paradigm shifts.

They fall off the radar screen.

Politics changed forever last night.

It wasn't pretty.


I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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