What do the stars have to say about Chris Wallace's gross bias against @realDonaldTrump last night? Why was the most corrupt debate moderator in modern history so sweet on Joe Biden? Is there a secret chemistry at work? Let's have a look, shall we? #astrology #maga #Debates2020
In the three charts below you'll find the most relevant points of chemistry highlighted between these men. Note that Chris Wallace was born with Saturn at 20° Leo, the exact same degree as President Trump's natal Zeus which is also found at 20° Leo. #astrology
When someone's Saturn makes conjunction to the birth planet or asteroid of another person the first person will diminish, obstruct, sabotage, limit and destroy the status, meaning and potential of the second person's birth placement. Saturn degrades severely. #astrology
It's important to note that President Trump's Zeus in Leo is a secret power source of his great political prowess. It's what makes him such a dominant force in the political world. So when matched with Wallace, who has Saturn in Leo, the result is bias and sabotage. #astrology
Wallace also brings Vulcan retrograde directly into President Trump's high IQ sun at 22° Gemini. The result of this was repeated disruption of the President's flow of communication. It also speaks of great male animosity, envy and conflict energy on Wallace's part. #astrology
But why was Wallace so sweet on Pluto Joe? It's because he was born with Jupiter at 27° Scorpio, the same degree as Joe Biden's fallen sun, also at 27° Scorpio. This is a rare and suspiciously fortunate match for a debate moderator and a would-be president. #astrology
When someone's Jupiter makes conjunction to another person's sun they can "cover" for that person in extreme and extraordinary ways. This is the case with Wallace and Biden, astrologically and politically. President Trump has no need to cover for Wallace even though...
...his Jupiter in Libra makes conjunction to Wallace's sun. When charts are compared Wallace's Jupiter perfectly covers for Biden, to the degree, while it offers nothing to President Trump. This is the most significant point of chemistry to understand. In light of these...
...findings I think it highly likely that astrology was secretly used to pair Biden with Wallace against President Trump. Regardless, President Trump still won the debate as he wounded Biden on many deep levels while the great bias of the moderator was exposed. Karma will...
... come around quickly, especially with Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio, Biden's tribal sign, on October 13th. This is a retrograde that Biden should fear. Watching it all like an owl in the night, Astrologer Salvador Russo #AlchemyInProgress
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