October is Queer History month. Let's start with the history of terminology.
- Most popular queer terms have been used as slurs at some point.
- 'Lesbian' historically referred to an activity, and therefore all wlw could be accurately described as lesbians.
-'asexual' as a term is not new and there is evidence of it being used as an identity in the queer movement as far back as the 70s.
-terminology changes over time, but it's important to never deny someone who uses an older version of it the right to do so. These words are ours.
Anyway I've been active in the queer movement since the early 90s, AMA
ETA: I was helpfully linked to evidence that Carl Schlegel, a gay activist, mentioned asexuality in a speech in 1907 so AFAIK that's the earliest actual use of the word as an identity
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