This election that’s already under way will be clarifying for the country, and for the media. No longer can those who vote for Trump be shielded by memes like “economic anxiety” or “just like some of his policies” or my 401k.” Trump is a failed businessman and con artist.
His whole econ rep was a Mark Burnett creation. His economy is a failure and he will close this term with a net job loss. 1 in 5 small businesses has gone under. And 206,000 Americans have died due to his neglect. He is a big a failure at being president as he was at business.
His “America first” slogan has been exposed as a lie. He is more loyal to the dictators of Russia, North Korea, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates than to his own country. He brays on about “the world respecting us” but has diminished America in the eyes of the world.
He is a raving mess, and doesn’t appear to be in control of himself. He stands with white nationalists and their militias. He has been exposed as despising his own white working class, military and evangelical supporters, and called his own rallygoers “disgusting people.”
Americans are sicker, poorer and more sleepless for his having been president. Anyone still with him knows all of that, and is OK with it. At least we’re all clear about that now.
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