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CW: Kirideku Bakushima Bottom Kirishima no quirks AU underage Bakugou is 19 and Kirishima is like 14 cheating dubcon first-time dom/sub dynamics underage drinking https://twitter.com/theGingerTrekie/status/1311395035490013184
Bakugou had just relaxed on the couch when he heard a timid knock on the door. The blond ignored it, assuming whatever asswipe was trying to bother him at 6pm would just go away, but sadly a few minutes later there was another barely-there knock and a shaky "hello?"
Bakugou cursed, taking his time getting off the couch. He flung the door open, startling the boy on the other side.

"What?" he snapped, his eyes shifting down from eye level to see who the annoyance was.
Big, almond-shaped red eyes stared up at him from behind thick black glasses.

"H-hi" The boy squeaked, tucking his long black hair behind his ear "Is Izuku home?"

He forced smile and Bakugou rolled his eyes.

"Who's asking?"
"I'm Kirishima E-Eijiro... Izuku's boyfriend. We've met"

Bakugou raised an eyebrow "Have we?"

Kirishima looked uncomfortable and the blond smirked. They had met several times before, but watching his worthless brother's boyfriend squirm never got old.

"Is Izuku home?"

Kirishima deflated "oh"

"He'll be back soon though" Bakugou lied, checking his phone.

His parents had taken his little brother on a camping trip for the weekend. They had asked Bakugou to come home from college to watch the house.
"Really" Kirishima's face lit up immediately. Cute.

"Yeah, sure," Bakugou said, stepping to the side "Come in"

"Oh... if he'll be back soon I can just-"

"Come in" the blond repeated, his tone making it clear that it wasn't an offer.
Kirishima's mouth shut tight and he nodded, hurrying into the house.

Bakugou shut the door behind him and locked it.
"Thirsty?" the blond asked, purposefully bumping into Kirishima on his way into the house.

The younger boy stumbled a bit, but stayed stiff in the entryway "I-I'm ok"

Bakugou looked back and frowned "What you're just gonna stand there the whole time? Come on"
Kirishima swallowed but kicked off his shoes. Bakugou waited until the younger boy took a few steps before heading into the kitchen.

The liquor cabinets were stocked with a wide range of flavored vodka and the fridge was filled with beer and wine coolers.
Bakugou opened the fridge and bent over, sticking his ass out so that would be what his brother's little boyfriend would see when he entered the kitchen.

he smirked when he heard the little virgin inhale sharply.

"You drink?" Bakugou called from behind the door.

The blond popped back up with a beer, popping the cap with his teeth and holding it out to Kirishima.

"You drink?"

The boy stared at Bakugou and then the beer.

"Oh... I-I-I don't-"

"Don't be a little bitch Kirishima"
Kirishima's eyes were as big as saucers "W-wha-"

"Take the beer and drink it," Bakugou said, his voice low and gravelly as he held Kirishima's gaze.

The boy flushed a deep red and made a small noise, but took the beer anyway. He kept glancing at Bakugou and then looking away.
"Go on"

Kirishima swallowed audibly, slowly raising the bottle to his lips and taking a small sip. He grimaced immediately, choking a little bit while Bakugou laughed.
"Oh my god, you're such a baby. Here" Bakugou reached into the fridge and grabbed a wine cooler "Have a girl drink."

Kirishima scowled "I'm not a girl"

"If you're not man enough to drink beer you can drink this, Shitty Hair"

"I-I'm man enough!"
"Oh yeah? Prove it." Bakugou smirked as he opened the wine cooler for himself "Chug"

Kirishima's face fell and he looked at his very full beer. He took a deep breath before putting it to his lips and tipping his head back.
Bakugou raised his eyebrows as he watched Kirishima drink the whole bottle. The boy finished with a gasp and shuddered.

"See?" Kirishima said, panting

"So you do have balls. I'm a little impressed" Bakugou responded, taking a sip of the wine cooler.
Kirishima's eyebrows knitted in confusion "I-I thought you said that was a girl drink"

"What, like that's a bad thing?" Bakugou asked taking another sip "Don't be a sexist, Kirishima. What would Deku think if he found out his boyfriend hates women?"
The boy's jaw popped open "I-I-I... That's not what I meant! Don't tell him that, I didn't mean it. I-"

"Calm the fuck down, I was just fucking with you" Bakugou laughed, grabbing two more beers before heading towards the stairs.
The blond turned back when he got to the base of the staircase.

"You just gonna stand there or are you coming?"

Kirishima jumped and looked back at him "I-it's ok. I can wait here..."
"You're gonna wait... In the kitchen... with an empty beer bottle. You know you're underage right? Does your mom know you drink? I'm not sure she'll be happy about it"

"But you told-"

"Come upstairs we can hide the bottle in my room. Stop being such a baby"
Bakugou disappeared and Kirishima watched him go, his breathing fast and uneven. He didn't understand what was happening and his cheeks felt hot. Midoriya had told Kirishima that his brother was a dick, yelling and cursing all the time, destroying his things.
Kirishima had made sure to avoid Bakugou when possible but whenever he did see the blond, he couldn't stop himself from staring.

Sure he seemed like a bully... but he was confident. A leader. And there was something about those red eyes that always drew him in.
"Hurry up!" Bakugou called from upstairs, pulling Kirishima back from his thoughts.
He walked slowly to the stairs, his heart racing. He would just wait for Midoriya to come back and then they could spread the rest of the night in his room, reading comic books and playing video games. Maybe they would kiss again. They had only done that a handful of times.
Kirishima could handle a little time waiting with Bakugou. It wouldn't be so bad, right?

His heart rate sped up with each step he took up the steps. He felt funny and a little nauseous.
When he made it to the top of the stair he found Bakugou sitting on a couch in front of a big flat screen tv playing some violent video game he had never played before.
The extra beers he had grabbed where shoved between the couch cushions in such a way that if Kirishima sat down they would probably tip over.
There was a tattered bean bag chair at Bakugou's feet. Kirishima opted to sit there instead, the beans crunching under his weight as he sunk into it.

He watched Bakugou play for a while, the blond yelling at the screen while he finished off the drinks he had brought.
Kirishima checked his phone. It was 7:30... Midoriya hadn't even texted him back.

"Have you played before?" Bakugou asked, offering him the controller.

"N-no. I don't really like... I can play when Izuku gets here"
"Deku fucking sucks at this game. Here" Bakugou forced the controller into his hands "I gotta get more. You want anything?"

"N-no thank you"

"Hah, baby"
Kirishima frowned, starting a new game while Bakugou went to the kitchen and back, bringing a whole bottom of flavored vodka and a can of whipped cream with him.

"Wow, you suck at this" the blond snorted, settling back onto the couch with his legs on either side of Kirishima
The younger boy was too focused on not dying to notice.

"I've never... oh shoot... I've never played this game!" Kirishima said defensively, his whole body leaning as he unsuccessfully tried to dodge an enemy attack.

"You gotta... fucking- go left. LEFT"
Kirishima's character exploded and 'You Died' appeared on the screen painted in blood. He groaned and sunk into the bean bag chair a little more.

"I'll just watch you play..."

"No, no" Bakugou unscrewed the cap and took a huge swig of vodka "Restart, I'll teach you"
Kirishima groaned but complied.

"Now go left... I fucking said left!"

Bakugou helped walk him through the first level, scooting closer with each command he barked at him. The older boy's thighs were touching Kirishima's shoulders.
"Now... Jump! Ha! I fucking told you!"

Bakugou leaned forwards, his surprisingly soft pecs touching the back of Kirishima's head. The younger boy stiffened immediately, his cheeks growing red.

"The next level is harder" Bakugou's voice was quiet and raspy, too close to his ear
A shiver ran down Kirishima's spine. He kept his eyes locked on the tv screen, unblinking, as he hear Bakugou take another drink straight from the bottle.

"I'll help you through it," he said, scooting off the edge of the couch and forcing himself behind Kirishima.
The younger boy swallowed hard as Bakugou wrapped his arms around him and put his bigger, calloused hands over his own.

"Start the level, shitty hair"

the blond's breath was hot against his ear.
Kirishima forgot how to swallow.

He started the next level. His eyes were locked on the screen but he wasn't looking at the screen. He couldn't even hear the theme music over the sound of his heart racing in his ears.

Bakugou adjusted himself, his chest flush with his back.
Kirishima could feel the older boy's heat radiating through his shirt. It was too hot. He was sweating. Was this weird? Was Kirishima making this weird?

His character died.

"Y-you can play now... Th-thanks for showing me"
"Keep playing," Bakugou said, taking his hands off the controller.


"Keep playing."


The game starts again and Kirishima holds his breath as he feels Bakugou's hands on his hips, his thumbs dipping just below his the hem of his shirt
Kirishima's heart jumped into his throat, hyperaware of every little movement Bakugou made, from his steady, even breaths, to the tiny involuntary twitch of his thumbs.

"You're about to die, Kirishima" the blond whispered, his hands moving a half an inch higher up his shirt.
His heart skipped a beat as he felt the pads of Bakugou's thumbs graze the skin right above his waistband. Kirishima's cock was already fully erect against his wishes, straining uncomfortably against the tight material of his compression shorts.

"Ba-Bakugou... I... Uh..."

"I-Izuku... Your brother... My... He-"

"What about shitty Deku"

"Won't... Uh..." Why was talking suddenly so hard? His hands felt calmy, the room felt too small... "Won't he be back soon?"
"Nah" Bakugou replied, resting one of his hands on Kirishima's stomach under his shirt and sliding it up to his chest "He's gonna be gone all weekend. Didn't he tell you?"
Kirishima gasped at the feeling of Bakugou's warm, rough hands on his skin, his body arching into the touch on his own. The blond chuckled in his ear.

"You'd think your /boyfriend/ would tell you something like that" Bakugou said, his lips brushing against Kirishima's ear.
"Or did he tell you and you just decided to come over anyway? Did you want to see me, Kirishima? Have a friendly chat, just you and me?"
Bakugou pinched Kirishima nipple and the boy moaned loudly, gripping the game controller so hard that the plastic creaked under the pressure. The blond's fingertips just barely pushed under his waistband and Kirishima nearly broke the controller in half. His thighs were shaking.
"I-I didn't know" Kirishima whimpered, his eyelids were so heavy he could barely keep them open "He probably told me a-and I forgot"
"Really?" Bakugou didn't sound convinced, his hand slid a fraction of a hair further into the other boy's shorts but to Kirishima, it felt like so much more.

His cock twitched at the idea of being touched by someone else. He was so hard it hurt.

"You're hard for me arent you"
Kirishima didn't answer, his tongue felt like lead in his mouth.

"You like this, don't you?" Bakugou continued, "The feeling of my hands on you."

Kirishima swallowed the spit that had pooled in his mouth and nodded.
"You know I can give you something Deku can't" Bakugou leaned closer and nipped at Kirishima's earlobe.

The boy let out a high pitched moan, his hips twitching forwards as pre leaked through the front of his underwear.

"You want it, don't you?"
Kirishima's mind raced through all the different things "it" could be in a span of 5 seconds, the tiniest fraction of it was spent thinking about the fact that this was his boyfriend's older brother while the rest of the time was focused on how good Bakugou could make him feel.
His mind short-circuited and went blank. Then he nodded.

"Don't be a fucking baby. Use your words"
When Kirishima still didn't respond Bakugou clicked his tongue and then bit him on the neck /hard/.

Kirishima yelped and tried to jerk away but the blond held him firmly, sucking a deep purple hickey into his skin. The younger boy groaned, his head falling to the side.
"Use. Your. Words." Bakugou hissed, his fingers stopping just above his dick.

he was so close to touching him. So so close.

"Please" Kirishima whined, bucking against Bakugou's hand, desperately searching for friction "Ba-Bakugou /Please/"
"Please, what?" Bakugou asked with a smirk.

Kirishima's face was bright red, his blush stretching all the way down to his chest. When he opened his mouth all he could do was stammer.

What did Bakugou want him to say?? It was way too embarrassing!
So instead Kirishima squirmed in Bakugou's arms, trying to maneuver himself so that the blond's hand touched his dick.

"Seriously?" Bakugou laughed pulling his hand back "What are you, a little bitch? Tell me what you want"
Kirishima dropped the controller and reached for Bakugou's hand.

Suddenly the world was spinning.

Kirishima landed on his back with a loud thud, lights flashing behind his eyelids when his head hit the ground.
His hands were pinned firmly above his head, both wrists held tightly in one of Bakugou's hands.

When Kirishima opened his eyes he saw Bakugou just inches from his face. He opened his mouth to say something but gagged hard when three fingers were shoved roughly into it.
"If you don't want to tell me what you want I can always use your mouth for something else," Bakugou said, licking his lips "You ever suck a dick before, shitty hair? You lips look like you were made for it"
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