I think a lot of this is women hating on other women honestly. I've noticed women like this who seem to look down on other adult women who are still into Disney or cartoons or video games. Whether it's jealousy or internalized misogyny, they're going after women who- https://twitter.com/pettykuromi/status/1311127017870503937
are into "childish" things or are baby-faced and accusing them of "catering to pedos."

I saw an argument in a youtube comment section the other day where a woman was criticizing the youtuber (who's in her mid-20s) for having stuffed animals in her room and-
when other people came to her defense ("I'm her age and I still have stuffed animals too" or "she streams on Twitch, lots of streamers have toys for a background set" etc), the first woman was like "y'all need to grow up, when I was her age I had a MATURE apartment and-"
and basically saying that by your mid-20s, you need to have a "mature" sense of style and behavior/personality and all that and it's just... very much women hating on other women and it's sad to see.
If anyone is blocked by the person I qrted, it's a tiktok of a woman putting on makeup to cosplay Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph and another woman responding to that with "if you don't have a problem with that, you're definitely a pedophile." She also made this comment
Like see, women can't even have fun cosplaying a Disney character without being accused of "dressing/acting like a child."

Wonder how she feels about the character performers at Disney parks who dress and act like child characters like Wendy and Alice all day.
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