POINT OF ORDER: Whenever you hear anyone say, "We're in a #pandemic" - firstly you must challenge them on it. How to win the debate...

Reply by saying: "No, it's not a pandemic. Data for current hospitalizations & deaths doesn't come near level for an epidemic, or pandemic."
They may respond saying, "But the numbers are up - there's a huge surge in #cases..."

Reply with: "A positive PCR test does not equal a 'case' or even an 'infection'. Test only detects RNA fragments, giving many false positives. This is a scientific fact."
They'll then counter: "But some of those positive tests must by infections, no?"

You reply: "If there were significant number of real #COVID infections then we'd see a corresponding spike in hospitalizations & deaths - which we haven't. So it's a #casedemic not a pandemic."
(4/4) You MUST challenge the word #pandemic. It's crucial. Remember: the data & the science are on your side, not theirs. Do your research, have some relevant graphs to hand. Now please kick ass.

Here's useful #CaseDemic vid tutorial from Fat Emperor: https://twitter.com/fatemperor/status/1310978112927260673?s=21
+ Regarding #PCR tests picking up mostly false positives, understanding that HIGH cycle counts are responsible for most false positives. Simple explaination here from CEBM: https://twitter.com/21wire/status/1311118737098117120?s=21
++ Remember: if it were really a 'pandemic' we wouldn't be getting numbers like this (see below).

Remember: No pandemic = no crisis = no need for emergency measures = no need for masks & lockdowns = need for mass CV vaccinations = sack them all.
+++ No 'pandemic' = no public health emergency = no need for social distancing = no need for masks or shields = no need for Track & Trace = schools, churches are safe = CASH is safe = toilets are safe = the Government & Media are lying.
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