You can criticize Biden for policy, previous policy, that's politics. However, mocking his stutter is, quite possibly the worst thing I've seen you do. Considering you wanted to work for him is weird. You dislike his speech impediment but would've liked his signature on checks.
Personal Insight: I stuttered as a child and was teased for it. How did I handle it? Reading excessively and learning to fight. The fact that you are a CPA and can't see the poor moral accounting of the situation, doesn't add up.
You're so bent on being relevant in the political landscape, you take low shots. We all can do that. I know I could. However, my respect for women significantly overshadows my visceral disdain for you.
If we keep it real, tangentially related and semi-relevant political sniping is your milieu. You'd rather insult a stutter then delve into the words. In abstract, shows a startling myopia, unbecoming of a member of the media-ish.
Give me Joe Biden's speaking difficulty over your glaring inability to critically think any day. As Biden said last night, and it resonates to this.

"It is what it is, because you are who you are".
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