PSA thread - Today is orange shirt day to honour children who attended IRS (Indian Residential School). I see clips and posts etc by various govt orgs incl the TRC. PSA - Let's be VERY clear the Cdn govt never released the millions of documents from IRS so that so-called "final"
report cannot be final until the full truths are known. Also, the clips speak of abuse and neglect but it was much worse than that. Indigenous kids were starved per the documents Dr Ian Mosby found revealing how Indigenous kids were used in medical experiments to develop vitamins
(the same vitamins you may take today). Kids were intentionally starved and fed vitamins to test them out. There was torture - some were put in electric chairs, etc. My parent had clothespins stuck on their tongue any time they spoke Cree. They were also whipped with a leather
belt over a trunk by the priest w their pants down & all the mothers of mary lined up to watch & all the other native kids were also forced to watch. There were murders of Indigenous kids in attendance & also murder of unwanted babies (from rape) so there are many unmarked graves
I lived through extreme abuse that mimicked this abuse taught in these institutions - neglect, beatings, sexual abuse, torture (including electrocution), human trafficking, etc. This is not a coincidence! So don't think this is just something in the past people need to get over.
There are more children in govt custody today (via child family services) than at the height of IRS.

The genocide continues to this very day.

Until the full truths are known, true healing will not happen.

#IndianResidentialSchool #OrangeShirtDay2020 #Truth #HonourTheApology
I share this thread to educate. I still hold hope for the new world we're all creating as we face the current pandemic - I pray each person goes within and gets to know themselves and their gifts and they bring those gifts forward for all to benefit from. ❤ A new world where all
life is truly valued & there's no racism, hatred, violence, etc & where every single person has safe shelter, food security, clean water, access to good education/healthcare, etc & where inherent Indigenous rights are fully acknowledged & honoured.đź’—That would be heaven on earth.
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