Today we reintroduced legislation that could introduce key steps to help remedy racism in Canada’s criminal legal system (1/5)
The Truth & Reconciliation Commission, National Inquiry into #MMIWG & Parliamentary Black Caucus have called for an end to the racism perpetuated by mandatory minimum penalties (2/5): 
Bill S-207 would ensure judges have the authority to grant alternatives to mandatory minimum penalties where imposing such a penalty in an individual case would be discriminatory or unfair (3/5)   #EndMandatoryMinimums #EndMMPs 
The burden of costly & complex criminal record relief has fallen disproportionately on Black and Indigenous Peoples. When people are able to access vital lifelines for community integration, all of us benefit from safer & more resilient communities (4/5) 
Bill S-208 provides for no-fee, no-application record expiry after time spent crime-free in the community. #cdnpoli #SenCA  (5/5)
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