Great talk by @GhoshAmitav "Future or Past? Climate Change as Seen From the Global North & South" on the interconnections of climate injustices beyond dominant 'credentialist' discourses. Links very well with "Climate Justice & Intersectionality" webinar: 
By engaging w/ climate migrants in Europe coming from Bangladesh, @GhoshAmitav discussed the complex understandings of climate change among people in the Global South, for whom climate injustices have been occurring for a long time, while in Global North it's often in the future.
As an interdisciplinary scholar who's lived through & researches various climate injustices in Bangladesh, I valued @GhoshAmitav's focus on how climate interacts with colonialism, development, capitalism, global racism, gender & various exploitations to create climate injustices.
As a feminist environmental scholar, I really appreciated @GhoshAmitav affirming the important critiques & contributions of various feminist scholarships & actions to create alternate views from the masculinist, colonialist patterns that fueled climate breakdown & injustices.
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