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Katsuki Bakugou, the alpha emperor of Russia, must marry. In order to select an omega without political ties, he sends for a commoner omega from the far reaches of Germany.

When Izuku Midoriya arrived, he refused to lift his milky white veil until they wed.
It wasn't until the moment they were married in the eyes of god that Katsuki saw the omega's freckled face. He had been captivated by the cute button nose, the pink lips, and large emerald eyes.

The feast had been short lived with Katsuki eagerly wishing to have his bride to
himself for the remainder of the evening.

At the sound of Katsuki's voice announcing their departure, Izuku stands from his chair, lifting the majority of his dress with him despite the uncomfortable state the tight corset left him in.

The alpha found himself surprised
by the way the green haired omega slowly came to take his colossal hand in his, walking down the hall with a pink hue dusted across Katsuki's cheeks.

Their wedding night was one that Katsuki wished to replay in his mind for the rest of his life.

A servant took apart every inch
of Izuku's gown all the while Katsuki watched from the bed. He unbuttoned the top three golden knobs of his shirt as he observed the some how erotic scene unfolding.

More and more freckles are revealed to the alpha, each and every one of them he desires to explore.
Izuku stops the servant from removing his corset, opting to approach the alpha in his tiny silk shorts and his waist cinching undergarments. The servant leaves the room curtly after as the omega approaches Katsuki with cautious movements.

His bare feet curl into the carpet as
he stands before his newly wedded husband. Katsuki's eyes drowned themselves in the image that is his precious wife, delicately curved and accented with his emerald hue.

He always thought that his wedding night would be passionless, a simple round of quick thrusts before he
retires to his chambers to dread his loveless marriage.

Izuku climbs onto the alpha's lap, arms wrapping around the blond's broad shoulders; Katsuki could feel how warm Izuku is and how his hips wiggle in order to settle atop his intrigued cock still trapped inside his trousers.
Their lips meet shyly, pecking at one another sheepishly as they test the waters in their new found relationship and Katsuki trembles at the same of Izuku's tiny whimpers when he grips the omega's hips a tad bit too hard.

Their tongues play with one another in an enticing game
of erotic pleasure, hips grinding on one another to create a desperately needed friction.

It takes Katsuki only a second to realize his overly zealous need to taste his bride and he flips Izuku over to lie the omega on his back.

Izuku gasps softly before sinking into the
comfortable mattress, content with Katsuki's fingers hooking into the band of his silk shorts.

The alpha purrs at the sweet honey like scent radiating from the omega's privates and even more so when he discovers the prize he never even knew he won.

Uncovered by the tiny white
undergarnments lies the pretty pink pussy Katsuki had no knowledge of prior to. Its uncommon for male omegas to possession vaginas instead of male anatomy like their gender would provoke, only contributing to the rarity that Izuku truly is.

The alpha salivates at the thought
of having Izuku in every way he likes, filling his wife up with as many pups as he pleases. He could do it and he could do it in a matter of seconds, if only if it wasn't for his inate desire to bury his face between those beautiful plush thighs.
The first lick has the omega flinching. Katsuki's tongue flares with the sweet and precious taste of omega and especially the flavour of honey.

He takes his time in closing his lips around the omega'a clit and sucking softly on his bride. He likes the way Izuku's hips fight to
rolling into his mouth, pleading for more and rougher contact.

Katsuki's tongue dips down between the folds of his bride, dipping into the newly slickened hole beginning to leak from arousal. He spreads the slick up the omega's pussy, encasing Izuku's now swollen clit in sweet
omegan slick and manuavers his lips to pleasure his bride.

Izuku's hips jerk and a choked gasp echoes from his lips. Katsuki suddenly becomes addicted to the sound of his omega moaning for him and pressures even more with the flat of his tongue.

Izuku's thighs tremble
on either side of the blond's head as his fingers thread through Katsuki's hair to anchor himself to the plain of reality. He loves the way Izuku's thighs rest so perfectly on his shoulders, how his toes curl into thin air, and how Izuku throws his head back in ecstacy.
Katsuki wants to wreck the omega even more than he already has with shoving him far past the edge. He circles the omega's clit aggressively all the while snaking his hand up and toward Izuku's slickened hole.

He loves the way his two fingers slide right in as if they were meant
to always be there. He could feel his bride's pulse inside his quivering pussy and how he clenches down on the two digits seamlessly. He begins hooking his fingers upward, rubbing the roof of Izuku's pussy with languid strokes.

The omega whimpers and cries for Katsuki,
bucking against the alpha's working mouth and tenacious tongue. Katsuki could tell Izuku was nearing his climax.

He drives the omega further to the edge by focusing his assault on Izuku's clit and the steady pumping of his fingers inside his pulsing pussy.
"A-ah! K-Katsuki!"

His bride whines, steadily convulsing as he tips over the edge. His hole clenches down on Katsuki's fingers strongly, yet the alpha continues to hook his appendages into the sweet heat. His tongue refuses to cease either with repeated strokes directly
atop the emerald haired omega's swollen, pink clit.

Katsuki only parts with his brides sopping wet pussy when he hears the soft whimpers and the strangled cries that are choked each time the omega twitches in after shock. He hovers over his omega and observes the expression
of purely fucked out pleasure. He loves the way Izuku's eyes brim with fresh tears, his cheeks reddened with lust, and his lips swollen from his own teeth biting into the flesh.

Katsuki thinks he's in love.

[ T B C ]
#bkdk #nsfw #smut

It didn't take long for Katsuki to start obsessing over breeding Izuku. He became infatuated with his precious wife, constantly fucking him everywhere they went.

Carriage rides were some of Katsuki's favourite activities as no one could stop him from
steadily fucking his omega against the padded seat. He loved the way Izuku squirmed and called out his name so perfectly.


He cries as Katsuki fucked into him for the second time that night. Katsuki had just gotten back from a week long hunting trip
and he couldn't help how desperately he wanted to fuck his omega.

He watched intently as Izuku's pretty pink pussy leaked all over his cock, inching in and out of the silky folds until he rests balls deep inside him.

It didn't take long for Izuku to begin swelling with a
pup; having his hips widening on top of the tiniest little bump growing out from his abdomen.

It took Katsuki a whole month to touch Izuku again as he feared he may hurt his mate or the baby with his uncontrollable lust toward his omega's physical condition.

"Alpha, please..."
Izuku whimpers as he straddles his alpha's hips, grinding on Katsuki's lap as if suddenly taken over by lust.

"I promise you won't hurt me, I need you."

That's all it took for Katsuki to slowly begin fucking his wife into the mattress. He started off slow, grinding
his hips into the omega's cunt before swinging back to shove his cock far into the sweet heat. Izuku cried out and wrapped his legs around Katsuki's waist, loving how his husband steadily unravels his soul and coaxs the smallest moans from his lips.

Izuku decided to leave the
palace to visit his mother back in his home country six months later. Katsuki was reluctant to let his omega go as he was round with their pup, but Izuku promised he would only be a month and he'd be home before Katsuki knew it.
It was only a month later that one of his soldiers sent to protect his precious mate sprinted into the palace, panting and screaming about how the empress' carriage had tipped over and he was badly hurt.

Katsuki threw on his heaviest cloak and leaped on the fastest horse.
It took him and his battalion of soldiers an hour to reach his mate, the capsized carriage flipped in a ditch to the side of the road while Izuku rested against a snow covered tree to the side.

He surrounded himself in blankets and robes from the carriage, swaddling the
smallest infant he's ever seen in blood stained wool. Izuku's teary Izuku's look up at his alpha as the blond leaps from his horse and rushes to kneel down beside his wife. His crimson eyes look over both Izuku and their baby for injuries, finally relieved when
he couldn't even find a scratch on them.

"Kacchan... it's a boy."

Izuku whispers softly as he smiles. Katsuki looks down at the small child and found his heart swelling with pride.

Its a little alpha boy. Somehow, Katsuki felt too cocky how perfect his offspring is and
places a kiss on his mate's forehead.

He quickly realizes that Izuku's cute little bump is gone, but then he calms himself and smirks.

He'll knock Izuku up again, its only a matter of time.

[ E N D ]
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