*backstory* unique and jay' Shon have been bestfriend since elementary school. jay' Shon was a very happy kid
until his mom started abusing drugs and started neglecting him and his gang banging brother. but his depression started when his drug addict mom started dating men that
used to beat on him and trey that's the reason his brother started gangbanging to release his anger. him and trey are really close and nobody can separate them🤞 that's why he was so mad that his brother started gangbanging cause he thought he was gon lose him😔
back to the story. so i wake up and go get ready for school i hop in the shower wash up get out and brush my teeth as I'm puttin on *pic* my bsf Serenity (s) called
S- wassup Mamas
Me- bbygurl gettin ready
S- u better not be late I'm coming to pick you up in 5
Me- ok (hangs Up)
*not me in pic*
as i grab my lipgloss i get a text *outside* so i hurry and put my lipgloss on grab my house key and ran out the door as i jump in the car i say
Me- heyyy bitch
S- heyyy
Me- lets get chick-fil-a
S- ight lesgo
as we pull of i hook my phone up to her car and put on
Brent Fayaiz and just vibe on our way to get food ff we were leaving and i text Jay' Shon (J) wsp and he left me on read so i thought maybe he's gettin ready so i just brush it off and continue eatin and vibin ff we pull into to school and get take summ pictures and walk in as we
walk in we see a few of are freinds (hgs)
hgs- damn yall look fine 🥵
Me- thanks yall to🥴
(bell rings)
Me- ill see yall later
hgs- byee
S-byee 😂
as i walk in my history class i notice that jay isn't there so i got to my seat and wait for him to get there 10 min go by and class is about to start right as teacher says welcome class he walks in but something was different about him his hood was on and his head was down
the teacher (T) says
T- Jay' Shon your late where's your tardy pass
J- hea
T- ok know got to your seat
as he goes to his seat i tap on is shoulder and ask what's wrong as he looks up i see his eyes puffy and red and a big bruise on his cheek
Me- OMG 😮
everyone turns around
Me- fuck yall lookin at *they turn back around*
Me- who tf did this to your face🤨
J- you already know😐
Me- so what's his name
J- Darren
Me- come live with me pls😟
J- i cant my brother has to have decent someone to come home to
Me- i cant stand seein you like this anymore😫
J- ik
ff the school days over and i go and get in the car with Jay
Me- we cant just let him beat you we gotta do something
J- ik *phone rings* unknown number
J- hello
UN- is this jay' Shon Smith
J- yes who is this
UN- broward hospital your brother Trey smith has been shot
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